Diet Secrets Of John Abraham


Find Out The Diet Secrets Of John Abraham

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A celebrity post is here after a long gap! This time it is the hoot and handsome hunk John Abraham! ‘Fitness’ is one word that gets instantly connected to John’s name because he has the most healthy and fit body in the industry. In his own words, working out isn’t an option for him. It is a full-time job and that is the reason why he always manages to maintain a healthy and fit physique. Here are some details about his diet!

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John Abraham says that he follows a very strict diet. There are very few days when he is allowed to indulge! Well, I call that immense dedication and self control. However, he says that there is no reason for him to indulge in a cheat meal as what he eats as a part of diet is some amazing food! Well, want to know what he eats that is so tasty? Read on!

He says that the idea is to gauge the nutritional value of the food. This means that a piece of fresh fruit having natural sugar is much better than a dessert. He likes to stick to vegetarian food but he eats egg white and fish because he requires a lot of protein to maintain his physique. And that is not possible when you are on a strictly vegetarian diet. For his movie ‘Force’ he was asked to put on some weight. So, for that he had to eat oatmeal for breakfast and nearly 30 eggs a day (my goodness!). However, this is a rare instance, his weight never fluctuates and he ensures that his diet is well balanced. He consumes a lot of proteins but has not removed carbs totally from his diet.

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John is someone who loves eating home cooked food and the first meal of his day which is breakfast, is a filling and wholesome meal that includes lentils, quinoa salad, fish, jowar/bajre ki roti with masoor dal, moong dal or rajma.

For dinner he simply sticks to fruit and pulses. He even has tea sweetened with honey. He makes sure not to eat carbs after 4pm. H says that discipline is extremely important when you want the body of your dreams.

John is a fan of Kerala food and Parsi cuisine. He loves Malayalee food such as puttus and appams, puttu being his favourite. He loves it with coconut milk. He loves all the parsi food he has tasted as a kid. His mom cooks amazing vegetarian food and Parsi cuisine. He relishes the karela she makes in ginger-garlic paste with onions and tomatoes, seasoned with chilli powder. As a kid he liked eating palak dal and masoor dal cooked the Parsi way. He even loves the baigan ka bharta and avial (A south-Indian delicacy) his mom makes for him.

Seems like John loves the food made by his mom! There is no match in this world for mom-cooked food! Also note that he loves the simple dishes that are not too heavy or rich. Probably that is why he is able to maintain his fit frame.

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