Diet soda For weight loss Or Weight Gain!


Diet soda For weight loss Or Weight Gain!

diet soda

Holding and sipping from a can of Diet Soda in a party has become fashionable these days. But does diet soda actually help in weight loss? This article gives you a few more pointers that would keep you away from diet soda for a lifetime.



You would all have heard about Aspartame; that is used as a substitute in the diet soda, which is linked to several health problems.


weight gain

Just because the diet soda is calorie-free; it does not mean that it would not increase your weight. A research in Texas has proved that the people who consumed diet soda had a 70% increase in the waist circumference than those who do not drink it.

Not much different from normal soda

diet and normal soda

You are just reducing the taste factor and, other than that; the diet soda is as bad as the normal one. One can of diet soda per day is enough to increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease; just like the normal ones.

Crave for more

How To Curb Sugar Cravings

The artificial sweeteners confuse your metabolism and makes your body crave for more starchy or sugar-filled food.  Your brain would be satisfied that you have sacrificed a few hundred calories and would allow you to eat an extra slice of pizza without feeling guilty; which would lead to weight gain.

Potassium citrate

If you look at the ingredients of your diet soda; potassium citrate would be a common ingredient. Potassium citrate is found to increase weight in women; kidney stone risk in both the genders; increase blood pressure and increase the blood cholesterol level.

Acesulfame potassium

This is another sweetener that is approved to be used in the food products. This product is also tagged as super sweet. It has 200 times more sweetening power than the normal sugar.  Experts say that this substance cannot be digested by the body and thus would not increase the calorie. But, prolonged use of this substance would lead to depression and reduces liver health. The first effect of the depression is emotional eating; which would increase your weight.

diet soda water vs coke

The best zero calorie drink is plain water. May it be Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi; you are entitled to increase your weight and decrease your health by consuming the diet soda.

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