4 Dieting Mistakes Committed By Most People!


Dieting Mistakes Most People Commit!

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Some people are so enthusiastic about healthy eating that most often they end up going over the top! You see, in the world of nutrition, more is not always better. And how come you have forgotten the old adage- ‘Excess of everything is bad’! So this clearly means that you should eat healthy but not overdo it! While dieting too you should not go overboard and assume things.

Here are some dieting mistakes committed by most people:

1) Using too much of olive oil

extra virgin olive oil

The health benefits of olive oil have made the nutrition world go gaga over it! Yes, it is beyond doubt that olive oil has several health benefits to offer. Taking this into account a lot of people have started thinking that having a generous amount of it is completely fine. It is here that most people go wrong. Olive oil may have heart healthy monounsaturated fats, antioxidants and vitamin E but it also has its own share of calories! One tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories and 14 g of fat.

What you should be doing about it?

Measure the oil before using it and keep a track on your consumption. You need to be careful with olive oil even if it has been given the title of the ‘healthiest fat’.

2) Not eating fruits

Many dieters say no to fruit by convincing themselves that it is loaded with sugar and will lead to weight gain. If you think so, you are harming yourself rather than doing any good. Along with natural sugars, fruit contain essential vitamins, minerals and fibre that will make you feel full.

What you should be doing about it?

watermelon_tummy flattening foods

Those on a diet can easily eat fruits like apples, strawberries, and watermelon.

3) Going gluten free without having an allergy to it

Gluten free

These days a lot of people are going gluten free. However, you need to have a valid reason to go gluten free. You shouldn’t do so just because others are following it. A gluten free diet is meant for those who have celiac disease, which is wheat-related bloating. The condition is an autoimmune disorder in which your small intestine gets damaged by consuming wheat. Only those who suffer from this condition should go in for a gluten free diet. Don’t go gluten-free if just want to lose weight. When you eliminate whole grains and wheat from your diet, you deprive your body of essential nutrients.

4) Eating less and exercising more

woman tired overexercise

If you feel that by cutting back on your food intake drastically and spending hours working out in the gym, you can lose weight, think again as you are totally wrong. When you bring down your food portions, your metabolism tends to slow down and weight loss becomes tougher. Even if you manage to lose some pounds, you will gain then all back once you start eating regularly. So, the purpose of dieting is all lost. Consult a nutritionist to find out your daily nutritional requirements and the number of calories you need according to your weight and body structure.

Do you do most of the above? It is high time you change your ways. Don’t let dieting myths affect you!

Hope this post has been useful!

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