Difference Between Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk – What You Need To Know!


Difference Between Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk

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Have you ever wondered how different the milk of a cow is from that of a buffalo? This post answers that question exclusively. So, keep reading this post!

South Asian countries such as India, China and Pakistan are the producers of buffalo milk. The biggest producer is India, followed by Pakistan. The next producers are China and even Italy. The Western countries mostly consume cow’s milk.

Milk nutrition facts

Difference Between Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk

The main differences between the two kinds of milk are that of composition and richness. Buffalo milk is said to have lower amount of cholesterol in it but higher amounts of fat when compared to cow’s milk.

A cow is said to produce way more amount of milk than a buffalo. While a cow yields 15 to 20 ltrs of milk, a buffalo yields something between 7 to 11 ltrs of milk in a day.


Difference in properties

Buffalo milk is said to have more amount of total solids than cow milk, which makes it thicker. The fat in buffalo milk is 100% more than that of cow milk. That is why it is more creamy and thick in comparison. Do you know that you can preserve the milk of a buffalo for a longer time?

Buffalo milk has more calcium, better calcium to phosphorus ratio and less amount of potassium and sodium that makes it nutritionally great for infants. The milk of cows is iodine rich and has minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Different health benefits

Higher total solids present in buffalo milk are the reason for more calories in it than cow milk.

100 g of buffalo milk offers 100 calories whereas 100 g of cow milk has 70 calories.

As already mentioned above, buffalo milk has less amount of cholesterol in it.

The total cholesterol in buffalo milk per 100 g of fat is 275 mg and free cholesterol is 212 mg. On the other hand the total cholesterol in cow milk per 100 g of fat is 330 mg and free cholesterol 280 mg.

Buffalo’s milk is known to be good for bone health, teeth health, weight gain and cardiovascular health.

Cow’s milk is good for bones and teeth. It helps in reducing the obesity in children, protects from thyroid problems and keeps the heart healthy.

How is Buffalo’s milk used in India?

Buffalo milk is known to be thick and creamy  so it is suitable for making milk products like dahi, paneer, khoa, kheer, malai kulfi, the South Indian payasam and ghee. In certain western countries, buffalo milk is used to produce buffalo mozzarella cheese.

How is cow’s milk used in India?

Cow’s milk is less creamy and not very thick. It is better used for chenna based sweets like sandesh, rasogulla, rasmalai and chumchum.

So, after knowing the difference between the milk of a cow and that of a buffalo which one will you choose?

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