Top 7 Digestion Myths Busted!


Digestion Myths Busted!

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You must have heard a plenty of old wives’ tales about food and digestion. But how many of them are true? Well, find the popular age-old digestion myths busted and learn the actual facts!

Myth No 1: It is easier to digest cooked food

Digestion breaks down your food into smaller molecules so that nutrients, calories, vitamins and minerals are made available to the body. The digestive tract does its job regardless of the fact that your food is raw or cooked. Cooking does make it easier to access the nutrients but when food is overcooked, it can destroy the nutrients too.

Myth No 2: It is better when you consume more fibre

You need only 25 g of fibre a day. Going beyond that is not a good idea. Additionally, if you suffer from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, you need to pay attention to the type of fibre you are consuming.

Myth No 3: You should drink a lot of water with your meals

This one is definitely a digestive myth. All you need to do is to stay hydrated all day long. If you suffer from acid reflux, reducing water during meals will help improve your condition. On a different note, if you are watching your weight, drinking a glass of water prior to having a meal can help in reducing calorie consumption. Choose what works the best for you and leave the rest.

Myth No 4: You get ulcers when you have stress

If you feel that you can tame the burning sensation in your belly by managing stress, here’s some news for you. Ulcer is mostly caused because of a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. It is a leading cause of some cancers too but it can be treated with antibiotics.

Myth No 5: Meat stays in your belly for a longer time than veggies

It is a fact that when a meal has fat in it, the digestive process slows down. However, meat and veggies take the same time to travel through the digestive tract.

Myth No 6: Go to sleep on an empty stomach

If you are trying to lose weight, just focus on how many calories you are consuming rather when you are consuming them. For those who suffer from acid reflux, it is a good idea to stop consuming food at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. Doing so will help in reducing the symptoms. Follow things that are suitable for you.

Myth No 7: Consume a lot of probiotics

Do you consume yogurt too often as you have been told that it is a good digestive tip? The research done on probiotics is still in its infancy. There are certain strains of bacteria that will help you but this does not mean that any kind of probiotics is ok. You need to get your facts right.  Try to search for yogurt that has enlisted individual strains like L. acidophilus.

So, these were the most common digestion myths that most of us believe to be true.

Hope this post – ‘Top 7 Digestion Myths Busted’ has been useful!

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