Digital Detox With Crystals


Digital Detox With Crystals – How To Do It?

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You would have done a lot of detoxes in order to remove toxins from the body and lose weight. However, have you ever considered doing a digital detox? Yes, this kind of a detox is slowly catching up and becoming mainstream. And I think it is good way of bringing back mental peace in life. A digital detox makes you take a break from electronic gadgets which can lower down your stress levels and anxiety. It clears mental clutter and strengthens your bonds with your loved ones.

However, some people get anxious when they imagine their life sans technology. When you are totally drawn into the world of social media and texting, it is easy to get overstimulated.

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Crystals are symbols of the energy of nature. They are not asking your mind to do anything; they only ask to be with you. Do you know that holding a crystal in the hands can make you breathe deeper? It also helps in reconnecting with the energy of the Earth.

Here is a 3 step process to do a digital detox with crystals:

1) Take a bath with shungite

Shungite is a mineral stone which is packed with molecular structures that are said to reduce free radical concentration in the body. You can get the benefits of this ancient mineral’s healing properties at home by adding the stone to your bath tub.

Fill your tub up and place chips of shungite stone in the bath. Allow them to soak in for about 20 minutes so that they give you a great electromagnetic detox. Your bathwater will turn black in colour because of the high carbon concentration of the stone. You will feel as if the black water is sucking out the negativity out of your body the way regular water cannot. The bath not just cleans the external dirt from your skin but it goes deeper to remove all the build up toxic energy from the mind and body.

Digital Detox with crystals

2) Try doing a disconnecting ritual

After your physical detox is complete with the bath, you need to get a facilitate mental shift. Your goal should be to disconnect yourself from technology for minimum one hour or maybe 2 every day. Think of all that you can reconnect with if you happen to disconnect from technology for a few hours every day. You need to remind yourself that time can be wasted on electronics or used wisely with breathing and meditation.

While beginning your detox period, you need to hold a piece of shungite stone in your hand (preferably non-dominant) and ask yourself whether using technology has made your life easy or a time-suck. Tell your mind why a detox is needed and imagine what all you can gain from the quiet moments you spend with yourself. After this, do meditation for 10 to 20 mins. Let this mindful habit replace all the reckless scrolling you do on your ipad.

After finishing the meditation, keep the shungite stone along with you during the remainder of the detox period so that you are reminded of your intention to live without electronic distractions.

3) Switch off everything for 24 hours

After you feel comfortable taking a short break for your gadgets, you can challenge yourself to completely shut off for 24 hours. During the 24 hour period, try to connect with a smoky quartz stone or onyx stone. At times disconnecting from something else makes it easier to connect to something else. Crystals seems to be that tool. They fill voids and keep you centered and grounded.

When you are alone with your thoughts, you can hear the truth inside you in the silence. Information and wisdom can be  gained this way.

Hope this post on Digital Detox With Crystals has been useful!

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