Dipa Karmakar – First Indian Woman Gymnast Into Olympics!


First Indian Woman Gymnast Into Olympics – Dipa Karmakar


Do you know that Dipa Karmakar created history on Monday by becoming the 1st Indian woman gymnast to enter the Olympics. She has performed really well and booked a berth for herself in the Olympics.


The 22 year old girl scored 52.698 points in the qualifying event and made it into the Rio Games to be held in August. After Independence, she is the first Indian woman gymnast at the Olympics. There have been 11 male participants in the past. The International Federation of Gymnastics has confirmed that Dipa is in. she has been listed as the 79th gymnast amongst those who qualified in the women’s artistic gymnast list for the Rio Olympics.

A bit more about Dipa Karmakar’s achievements

Last year Dipa Karmakar bagged a Bronze medal at the 6th Gymnastics Asian Championships held in Hiroshima. She was a spectacle there she warmed herself up initially and then soared really high with a Tsukahara. It is one of the most sophisticated vault routine.

Dipa Karmakar – First Indian Woman Gymnast Into Olympics 1

Dipa belongs to Tripura and she didn’t choose gymnastics. She was not very interested in it. But it was her father who is a weightlifting coach who encouraged her to join. She didn’t like it as she was afraid of falling. However, as time passed, she got used to the sport and overcame her apprehensions and dislike. She carved a niche for herself. She was trained under B.S. Nandi and Kaplana Debnath and this made her improve drastically.

She came into the limelight when she won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games that were held in Glasgow, Scotland in 2014. It was the first medal won by a woman gymnast in the Common Wealth Games.

She did the ‘Produnova’, which is a vault that comprises of front handspring and 2 front somersaults. It is grouped under the high-risk feat. The margin of error for carrying out is too small. A wrong move could make the person land up with a neck fracture, get paralyzed or even leave him/her dead. However, Dipa did the feat with immensely stunning ease and has the distinction to be the highest scorer in the world in the death feat. This has made her someone extraordinary in gymnastics. Just 2 of her contemporaries have attempted Produnova and neither of them have scored as much as she has.

The girl will gain new heights as she has now reserved her berth in the Olympic games. She has already made the country proud. We wish her the best for the Olympics and hope she brings home a medal!

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