Disinfecting Your Water Bottle-Why And How?


Disinfecting Your Water Bottle-Why And How?

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You can find reusable water bottles everywhere! Right from the market to our handbags, you will find a water bottle for sure. Reusable water bottles are convenient. You can just fill them up and happily guzzle down water all day long.

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Reusable water bottles save your money and are environment friendly too when compared to disposable water bottles. But have you ever thought that they get dirty too? Due to staying wet most of the time, there are less chances of it getting properly cleaned.

Here is what you should be aware about:

1) Bacteria breeds in dark and moist environment

As water bottles can be a comfy home for bacteria it becomes essential to clean them up regularly. Most bacteria live in the scratches that appear in the bottle due to usage. Using warm water to clean can reduce the risk but the problem still persists. Reusing even branded bottles is not a completely safe option either. The best way of protecting yourself from microbes is by washing bottles regularly. Use wide mouthed bottles instead of narrow-mouthed ones as it is easier to clean the bottle with a brush.

2) The most amount of bacteria is present in the bottle where your mouth touches it

Do Plastic Bottles Pose A Health Risk

Yes, you read that right. The maximum amount of bacteria is present in the portion of the bottle where you out your mouth to drink. This is so because the screw-cap area of the bottle is the perfect breeding place for them. Even if you don’t let your mouth touch the bottle, the water touches that area and reaches your mouth, right?

3) Cleaning with hot water can lead to chemical leakage

To wash your bottle, it is always recommended that you use warm water instead of scalding hot water. Boiling hot water is not suitable for plastic bottles as harmful chemicals can seep into your drinking water. To avoid this it would be better to use stainless steel or glass bottles.

Cleaning your water bottle on a daily basis is good and here are a few ways of doing the same.

1) Vinegar

Vinegar, a natural cleanser is effective in killing germs and bacteria. After washing your bottle with a mild soap, fill 1/5th of the bottle with vinegar and the rest of the bottle with water. Allow it to stand overnight and rinse it out the next morning.

2) Bottle cleansing tablets

Many bottle cleaning tablets are available in the market. All you need to do is to drop a tablet in your bottle filled with water and allow it to dissolve completely. You need to wait for a while before rinsing it off. The result- your bottle is clean! The tablets are quite an expensive option though!

3) Use warm soapy water

You can clean your bottle by adding a few drops of dishwashing soap followed by warm water in the bottle and shaking it well. Then wash the bottle with fresh water and allow it to dry the whole night. Purchase a good bottle brush so that you can scrub the cap, mouth and the insides of the bottle.

Try the above methods and keep your water bottle clean. After all it is about your health well being!

Hope you found this post useful!

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