DIY Pre Workout Supplement


DIY Pre Workout Supplement


Do you wrap up your workout session halfway through? Are you not happy with the physical results of exercising till date? Well, the real culprit can be what you eat or drink prior to your workout. To fix the issue, you need to eat the right things.

To be fit, you need to consume certain foods before stepping into the gym. There are foods and supplements that give an all-natural energy boost to you when you workout. They also ensure that you gain lean muscle and help in post-workout muscle recovery. Nutrition companies have come up with their own set of pre workout supplements but the drawback is that they are packed with sugar, chemical and GMOs. However, you can always make your supplements at home with ease.

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How to make a DIY Pre Workout Supplement?

Begin with a frozen fruit, chia seeds for fibre and a banana for making it creamy. Then add the following ingredients:

1) Vitamin B12

all about vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 is not just crucial for overall health but also for a great workout! The vitamin not just helps in converting carbs into glucose in the body, but is necessary for creating new red blood cells and repairing cellular damage. Also, vitamin B12 helps in muscle contraction and provides you with the energy you need to do normal things throughout the day along with your workout without getting tired.

So, all you need to do is to drop in a vitamin B12 pill in the blender while making your pre-workout drink!

2) Coffee

Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out coffee

Coffee is known to be beneficial in many ways. However, are you aware that it helps serious athletes train harder and for a longer time? Drinking coffee an hour before your workout can give you an endurance boost.

Like exercising early in the morning? Start your day with a cup of coffee and follow it up with your pre-workout smoothie. You can even add coffee to your smoothie and blend it together.

3) Greens

Microgreens nutritional benefits

Too much of exercising can result in the release of free radicals in the body that cause oxidative stress. Though there are many ways of fighting free-radical damage, one of the best way out is by loading your plate with green foods.

Green foods such as spinach and broccoli contain lots of chlorophyll which is detoxifying and oxygenating. They also have amino acids, beta-carotene, vitamins C, D, E, and K and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. You can add a handful of your favourite greens into your pre workout smoothie.

4) Electrolytes

Benefits Of Drinking Tender Coconut Water

The body gets electrolytes through fluids and food and loses them through sweat, exercise and urination. Usually, the cycle moves normally but a poor diet or too less of exercising can cause electrolyte imbalance.

An easy fix: Drink coconut water. It is often revered for its impressive abilities to replace electrolytes. In emergency situations it has even been used as IV fluid!

Now, heading out for a workout with very less electrolytes is a perfect recipe for disaster as you will feel exhausted and dehydrated. You can add coconut water to your pre workout smoothie to boost your electrolyte levels before heading out for a workout.

Are you ready to start your workout with the pre-workout smoothie mentioned here?

Hope you liked this DIY Pre Workout Supplement!

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