Do At Home Mix Workout For Women


Do At Home Mix Workout For Women

Hi everybody

I have been a bit busy off late. There are times when each one of us is occupied in our life and work so much that being regular to gym does not happen despite our willingness for the same. But I believe, if you have the will, you can work out all by yourselves at your own cozy homes too. It’s just the willpower that makes the difference.

Not having time for to and fro visit to the gym is another thing and not having the heart to do so in the name of busy schedules is different. Something is better than nothing, remember? Even if you push yourselves for 15 minutes of cardio on your busy days, that is going to make a difference to your body. I always say “Work on building your will power rather than working on finding a good workout plan”. Here’s another workout that I tried recently and liked the whole feel and rhythm of it.

Here you go:

Do At Home Mix Workout For Women

IWB Weight Loss Challenge Workout Plan weight

  • Warm up

Stretch all parts of your body and walk for 5 minutes.Yeah get the feel of it; loosen up. We are going to build better selves today. (I sound like a youtube video’s voice over eh? 😛 )

Do At Home Mix Workout For Women

  • Start with 15 jumping jacks or 30 jumps whichever you find better. It is very crucial to get your muscles into motion before putting work load on them. It’s like while a person is sleeping, you put heavy cans over him/her. How will he/she feel? The same way muscles would get pulled or injured if you start exercising in your fully fledged enthusiastic form without warming up. Eventually, you won’t be able to continue daily.
  • Mountain climber exercise

The picture is self explanatory; you may watch a video for this to learn the correct form. Do 20 moves of mountain climbers- meaning bring each of your legs forward 10 times. Keep your tummy tucked in for the whole time and back as straight as possible. Take a 10 second break.

mountain climbers weight loss

  • Jumping lunges

By now you know how much of a lunge and squat lover I am. Sometimes even I get bored of the basic lunges and squats and search for variations in these. So I tried jumping lunges or hopping lunges this time. The only difference is that while you are done with one leg, you jump to come in the other leg lunge. The pace would be a little faster in jumping lunges automatically. Do 20 of these and maintain proper form. If you are a beginner learn proper lunge form first.

15 seconds break.

jumping lunge fitness

• Dance for 5 minutes

I can’t do without peppy dancing in my workouts. It really pumps up my mood.

• Squat kicks

The difference between this and a traditional squat is that as you get up you kick one of your legs forward with full energy. Squat back again and as you rise kick the second leg forward. Accompany this move with a jazzy track and see workout and fun flowing together. Repeat for 20 times or as far as you can push yourselves according to your own fitness levels. Take a 20 second break.

Squat kicks butt exercise

• Push ups

This has always been the tough move for me but that is what makes the workout challenging enough. If you are not into practice with push-ups start with 10 of them and if you can push yourself to 15.

knee pushups toned arms

• Continuous leg raises

This is basically the normal leg raises that you do on your mat in the lying position. The difference is that you have to raise your legs up bring them back down and without touching the ground raise them up again. Continue in this motion for 30 seconds keeping your hands beneath your butt.

leg raise ab workout

Take 15 seconds break.

• Plank and push-up position alternatively

Start with any one position. Say if you are starting with the plank position with your elbows touching the ground; one by one make your arms straight and palms touching the floor coming into a starting push-up position. Then one by one keep your arms at 90 on the floor just like you started for the plank position. Keep your toes hip distance apart and core pulled in throughout the motion. Continue doing this for 40 seconds.

plank pushup arm workout

• After taking a 20 second break finish off with 30 jumping jacks.

• Stretch your muscles.

Do let me  how this workout made you feel. I would love to read your feedback.

Take care all of you guys.

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