Why You Do Not Have A Toned Body


Reasons Why You Do Not Have A Toned Body!

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Have you always dreamed of a toned body but have not able to get one even after sweating it out in the gym? There can possibly be a problem with your diet and exercise routine. There are many mistakes that people generally make that prevent them from getting that chiseled look. Find out why you do not have a toned body.

Mistake no 1:

You do not get sufficient amount of protein

protein-rich-foods for weight loss

You might be aiming at simply cutting down on calories to lose weight, but you must also feed your body with enough protein. The thing is that your muscles require amino acids in order to recover, repair and rebuild themselves. It would be great if you can eat eggs, fish and lean meat so that you get 120 g of protein daily. There are several plant based foods too that are a good source of protein and the vegetarians need not feel left out. You can have lentils, chickpeas, tofu, soya beans, cheese, and the like. Read more about the vegetarian sources of protein here – Click!

Mistake no 2:

You eat a lot of super foods

superfoods 1

It is great to add super foods to your diet but at the same time you must also remember that you shouldn’t go overboard with them. For example, avocado is a great super food with healthy fats in it but it is also calorie dense. The calories can quickly get added up to the number of calories consumed by you and can get stored as fat. Thus, moderation is the key when it comes to super foods like avocados. Don’t juts blindly add them to whatever you eat!

Mistake no 3:

You don’t drink enough water

Drink More Water

By not drinking sufficient amount of water, you get dehydrated and start suffering from slow metabolism, unhealthy cravings and fatigue. You must remember that your muscles can’t recover when you are dehydrated and your body will not burn fat the efficient way.

Mistake no 4:

Doing the same exercise everyday

Zumba- a dance workout ad its benefits 1

The chances of hitting a weight loss plateau are the highest if you are doing the same kind of exercise over and over again. It is time you mix up the workout routine, combine slow repetitions with the fast ones and change your weights. Doing something different will also bring variety to your life. This will ensure that your exercising doesn’t become a mundane task. Include zumba, martial arts, kickboxing or anything you like to make your exercise session worth looking forward too.

Mistake No 5:

Doing high-intensity exercises

goblet squat exercise for legs

Both time and intensity are the 2 biggest factors of burning fat and building muscle. For example, if your dumbbell squat was not hard enough, there are chances that you did not perform the squats with the required intensity. So, make sure that the intensity is right.

Can you find out where you are going wrong? Make sure you do something about it and get right back on track.

Hope this post on why you do not have a toned body has been useful!

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