Do Not Let PCOD Affect Your Life-My Weight Loss Story

pcod i lost weight

Do Not Let PCOD Affect Your Life-My Weight Loss Story

We have a huge team of permanent writers and so many of our team members are suffering from PCOD.I myself was a victim albeit I was not aware of it .I came to know about it only when I was trying to get pregnant.I see so many girls getting hyper and scared when they get to know of this problem but they need to realize it that its not some major disease.It requires major  lifestyle change which unfortunately many of us are not ready for.


pcod problems and weight loss

 The lifestyle change

I decided to change my lifestyle as I don’t want to be someone taking medication and struggling with weight loss. I don’t want to be someone  with higher chances of  diabetes.Therefore I started to work on myself the day I was diagnosed with it.It needed lot of will power but somehow I managed.

Well, I could not have believed the miraculous effects of lifestyle changes until I conceived and had a healthy 40 weeks pregnancy. At this point I would give the credit to the weight loss & Low Carb diet which are probably the most common remedies being followed to treat PCOD. This is primarily done in order to regulate the hormonal imbalances which are actually the major causing factor of this female infertility disease.

I recently got my PCOD profiling done again and my no.s are quite good.Below is my report.


Talking about PCOD, this has emerged to be one of the potential reasons of female infertility in the recent years. It causes hormonal imbalance in the body & affects the reproductive system in a woman which  creates issues with natural conceiving.

However, there are medications which are known to regulate the hormonal level, so as to increase the chances of getting pregnant. But these medications will not work alone unless you are ready to change your lifestyle and fight this disease in a natural manner as it will keep you away from many diseases for the whole life.

pcod i lost weight

Facts About PCOD

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease is basically the situation when there is a dominance of male hormones in the female body due to which fertility is affected majorly. It also accounts for excess weight gain & several other features which affect the mind & body of a woman.


  • There is severe irregularity of periods in females, in some cases there is a complete absence of periods for 4-5 months!
  • Acne is one of most common problem that occurs in this disease and the confidence level is always affected in such ladies.
  • Women suffering with PCOD have minor depression issue which is not evident to them in most of the cases.
  • Other than these, sedentary lifestyle, stress, physical inactivity are potential reasons which are commonly seen in patients suffering from PCOD.


How To deal with PCOD

  • Dealing with PCOD initially is a tough task as you need to take certain life decisions & change the unhealthy lifestyle to one which will help you stay fit in the long run.
  • Switch over to healthy diet as it is eventually going to be one of the major reasons to cure this hormonal disease.
  • Never loose your confidence and always remain positive about your health & body that you are going to beat this disease!
  • Preach your body and always remember that all the pleasures of life are not worth achieving, if you are not healthy from inside!

I recently hit my lowest weight that too after a c section and I would like to thank the fitnessvsweightloss team for helping me out in this.Without them this awesome journey wouldn’t have been possible 🙂

If you are suffering from PCOD or want to shed weight ..You are at the right place..Just gift yourself this program and turn yourself the way you always wanted to be 🙂

Don’t let PCOD affect your life and learn from my weight loss PCOD story.


  1. Hi Anamika.. PCOD is major issue, what did you do loose all the stomach fat that comes with it? is cardio enough or abs are important as well, and how log did it take to cure, cause loosing weight with PCOD is a bane 🙁

  2. Hi Pooja,

    I followed a low carb diet plan, worked out and its a long and slow journey ..took me about 1.6 yrs and i am still working hard ..but its better to leave few things and feel good about yourself rather than feeling bloated all the time 🙂

  3. Hey nice post im Marisa from Goa. Im also suffering from PCOD. I was diagnosed with it at the age of 15 and still having it,though im trying my best i don’t see any changes and also im not that over weight as I was when I was diagnosed. Non of the doc that I visited told me enough information on the problem. After a long research I hav found out that it is linked to diabetes. I hav no family history of PCOD. After reading that you are free of that condition it has given me some ray of hope
    Thanks dear for your nice post

  4. Women with PCOD have high chances of diabetes in their later ages..If you research more you will find out its because of the insulin..but yes its possible to get it numbers above proves it 🙂

    thanks for commenting and liking the post 🙂

  5. Hi Anamika, you look stunning and it motivated me looking at you, iam also struggling from pcod since the age of 16 its all in my genes well i don’t know how to start what to eat and what not to eat. i beleive in inch loss and if i see scale it scares me and doesnt motivate me to go to gym can you please help

  6. Hi Sweta,

    This is a long process..You can write to us on

    You can join the programme will help you not only in losing weight but it will also help you in knowing the right kind of food one should eat to deal with PCOD..

    Hope this helps 🙂

  7. My marriage is with in 1 mnth can u tell me how can I loose fat on hips n thighs bcz this region is very bulky .n wht shud we take in already m taking fruits n salad n chapati once in a day

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