Do Not Microwave These 6 Foods!


Do Not Microwave These 6 Foods! Find Out Why!

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Microwaves seem to be a very easy way of cooking food or reheating it. It is said that microwaving food helps in preserving more of the nutrients when compared to conventional cooking methods. However, this does not mean that you have to abandon your cooking stove this very minute. Find a list of foods that you should never put inside your microwave as it can lead to some serious health issues.

Do Not Microwave These 6 Foods!

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1) Rice

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Rice often has spores of bacteria that produce toxins which cause a mild food poisoning. These bacterial spores as well as the toxins they produce are resistant to heat and that is why cooking does not kill them.

When rice is reheated in the microwave, it does not kill the bacteria. It instead provides the microbes with a moist and hot environment that makes them flourish. If you are storing cooked rice, you should keep them in the fridge an hour after it is cooked to prevent the bacterial growth.

2) Chicken

chicken breast recipe b

Undercooked chicken causes salmonella infection which is a very common type of food poisoning. The bacteria are destroyed at high heat and thus cooking chicken correctly becomes important.

Cooking or heating up chicken in the microwave leave it unevenly cooked. So some areas of it are undercooked whereas others get overcooked. It is recommended that you make sure the temperature of your microwave is above 165oF when you cook chicken so that the bacteria get destroyed.

3) Milk/breast milk

Milk nutrition facts

Milk is considered to be immensely healthy. It has vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and bioactive compounds. Breast milk is extremely nutritious for babies as boosts their levels of immunity and brings down the risk of different kinds of infection.

Don’t heat milk in a microwave as it does not get heated up evenly. Some portions are too hot while others stay cold. Also, the excessive amount of heat from the microwave can bring down the nutritional quality of breast milk.

4) Frozen meat

salami - cold cuts of meat what foods to avoid in summer

When it comes to storing meat, the most ideal way is to freeze it as it prevents breeding of bacteria in the meat. However, when it comes to thawing, it is better to use conventional methods because in a microwave thawing can be uneven. The outer areas may seem perfectly thawed; the inner portions stay simply frozen.

After thawing in a microwave, if you cook the meat immediately, these portions take a longer while to get cooked and you know that undercooked meat has bacteria in it that causes food poisoning.

5) Potatoes

sweet potato vs white potato-which is better

Potatoes are known to contain Clostridium botulinum, a type of bacteria that is present in soil. These bacterial spores are themselves not dangerous as they produce neurotoxins that are harmful for the central nervous system.

Baking potatoes in a microwave results in hot and cold spots as the heat is not spread evenly. Bacteria can survive in the cold spots and can proliferate causing serious illnesses.

6) Egg


Eggs usually have salmonella in them (bacteria that causes food poisoning like the one in chicken). The bacteria are killed when exposed to high temperatures and that is why your eggs need to be cooked through and through. In a microwave it is most likely that your egg remains uncooked in spots and that is why the bacteria don’t get destroyed.

Just keep the above foods in mind the next time you microwave.

Hope this post ‘Do Not Microwave These 6 Foods!’ has been useful!

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