Do Not Reboil Water-Here Is Why!


Do Not Reboil Water-Here Is Why!

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So, do you love your evening cup of tea? Or are you more of a coffee person? Whatever you may be, you need to boil water for both the beverages. Do you often forget the boiled water when you get too engrossed in your favourite TV soap? You must be putting it back on the gas stove to reboil it! Please stop doing that!

Do not reboil water

Buckle up your seats and get ready for a chemistry lesson. You must not have been taught this in your chemistry class back in school. Well, it is never too late to learn. So, when you boil water, its chemistry changes and that is a good thing because it boils away volatile compounds and dissolves the gases. This is the reason why boiling water makes it safe for consumption.

When you leave water for boiling for too long or reboil it, the chemical compounds in it change their structure for the worst. The process of boiling water for too long can concentrate too many harmful chemicals instead of destroying them. The same thing occurs when you reboil the water. The compounds in it get concentrated and the risk of ingesting certain chemicals increases. The chemicals in the list are arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride. Minerals that are healthy can also become dangerous when they get concentrated like calcium salt that leads to kidney stones and gallstones when consumed way beyond the limit.

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Find out how harmful the chemicals are in reboiled water-


The greatest threat to public health is from the chemical arsenic in drinking water according to the WHO (World Health Organization). When you are exposed to arsenic it may lead to arsenic toxicity that shows its physical effects slowly in the due course of time depending on the level of exposure. Arsenic toxicity can lead to peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, kidney troubles, skin lesions, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal troubles and even cancer.


Nitrates are present all around you, in the soil, air and water. This chemical can turn harmful if used as a food preservative or when exposed to high temperatures such as boiling water. Nitrates when exposed to high heat, get converted to nitrosamines. And nitrosamines are carcinogenic (cancer causing) in nature.

Nitrates are linked to several diseases such as non-Hodkin lymphoma, leukemia and cancers of the oesophagus, colon, bladder, ovaries, pancreas and stomach.


Several studies have been conducted over the chemical fluoride and it being present in drinking water. The fact is that it can pose a threat to your health. It has been proved that fluoride has dangerous effects. The Harvard University gathered data from 27 studies that had been conducted for 22 years and linked the exposure to fluoride to neurological and cognitive function in kids. The results that were published in a scientific journal concluded that fluoride present in drinking water lowered the IQ of children.

A study conducted in 2013 has found that fluoride lowers infertility rates in male mice. Well, that has not been established in humans yet but why should we ingest harmful chemicals when we can easily avoid them.

The bottom line

It is simple just stop reboiling your water and you are sorted. Also check if the water you are consuming is safe for human consumption or not.



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