Do Stress Balls Actually Help Reduce Stress?

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Do Stress Balls Actually Help Reduce Stress?

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Our lives are filled with stress. Personal problems, professional problems, family trouble… the list is endless. What is more important is that we have to find ways to ward off the stress. One of the best stress-buster is using stress balls. You just have to hold it in your hand and squeeze it. It will help in easing certain concerns and release built up tension. Squeezing the ball will give you a feeling that you are doing something instead of brooding over the problems that you are surrounded with.

Using stress balls to relieve stress

Bean-bag type stress balls

Bean bag stress balls-Using stress balls to relieve stress

Stress balls are luckily pretty easy to find and they are quite effective in providing you with some quick relief. Some common stress balls are of the bean-bag type. They are quite effective as they provide enough resistance so that you feel good and they make a relieving noise that lets you know that something is happening. It is helpful in relieving stress and is also a good workout for your hands. It has its own benefits to offer.

Liquid filled stress balls

Liquid filled stress balls - Using stress balls to relieve stress

There are some stress balls filled with liquid and they are good for relieving your worries. The resistance offered by the liquid filled stress balls is not as much as the one offered by the bean bag type. However, they do give your hands a workout. You can squeeze them out more than the bean-bag ones. The drawback in liquid filled stress balls is that you will make a huge mess when you break them! 😛 It will be suitable for you if you spend a lot of time squeezing the stress ball.

Chinese stress balls

Chinese stress balls-Using stress balls to relieve stress

There are certain stress balls that are not squeezable. The Chinese variety of stress balls are made up of hard material and are not meant for squeezing. They are available in pairs and are meant to be rolled in the hands to relieve stress. They come along with a noisemaker that creates a soothing sound. These balls are not for your workplace because of the sound they make. But, if you happen to use them at home to relieve your tension they can be very soothing.

Stress balls and meditation

Using stress balls to relieve stress 2

Stress balls can be used for meditation. Your concentration will be on the stress balls and this way you won’t be worrying about other matters. Feel the ball in your hand and take a note of the weight. While squeezing or rolling them in the hands, notice how they feel. Focus on transferring your worries to your hands and passing them onto the stress balls as if they are absorbing all the stress. Place all your thoughts onto the stress balls and push away your concerns. Once that is done you will feel as though your burden has reduced and your mind has become clear.

Being careful with stress balls

The squeezable kind of can make a huge mess if broken. They don’t get broken easily but if you do spot any leaks or weak areas, then it is time to discard them. Keep your squeeze ball away from the computer keyboard because if it happens to break, it will be difficult to clean the keyboard. You may even have to go in for a new keyboard if matters get worse 😛

Effect on mind and body

Stress balls can be beneficial on the mind as well as the body when used properly. You get a hand workout and those who keep typing on the laptop can get a good hand exercise.

Go ahead and get your hands on some stress balls and shoo away petty concerns!!

Are you going to use stress balls to beat stress?

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