Do We Overeat When Food Is Free?


Do We Overeat When Food Is Free?

Hello Everyone

Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been?

This Saturday was working for me 🙁 . I had a workshop to attend and I noticed a very common thing. Everyone took atleast three servings. I understand that it was a 3 course meal with soup , main course and desert but still people ate way too much!

what to do after you overeat

Let me tell you my observation yesterday –

  • 80% of the people had soft drink with food which I am sure they would have never bought!
  • Most of them did not touch salad !
  • Most of them did not touch soup!
  • Most of them took 2 rounds of the table to analyse the food 😛
  • Most of the people took went to the main course table thrice if not less.
  • No one except me touched fruits from the desert section 😉
  • Most of the people ate both roti and rice
  • Most of the people took all the desert recipes except fruit
  • Most of the people took two rounds to desert section

In one I word, thought they were desperate 😛

Initially I thought we tend to overeat when we go to a buffet! My friends never take me to a buffet because they think I should be ashamed that I can’t even eat a quantity that justifies the price HUH ! But whenever I do go for a buffet, I make sure I taste everything 😛 . Sometimes it does lead to overeating.

Do We Overeat When Food Is Free

But this incident made me believe that when there is a FREE BUFFET, people treat their tummy as their dumping bag. I don’t know I felt as if they have never eaten anything in their lives 😛 . That’s another point that almost all of them were overweight with big tummies and a few were obese too!

So Do We Overeat When Food Is Free? What do you think?

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