Do Women Prefer Men With Abs?


Do Women Prefer Men With Abs?

Dude she so digs into my 6 packs, you won’t believe it”

“Fat men don’t make the best lovers; muscular men do”

pecs and abs

Do Women Prefer Men With Abs?

Sounds familiar? Well, I don’t know what else to say here, but this is one of the many reasons why the ‘gym-talk-male-rants’ have kept me away since puberty to pump iron. In most cases, the ‘dudes’ I know and see around, lift weights and pump their muscles, in a bid to attract attention from the opposite sex (in some cases the same-sex), and *yawn* to have a ‘romp-in-the-sack’ – passé!

Okay, maybe to a certain extent there might be potential mates out there looking for the same, but let’s not generalise the rule – muscles aren’t for everyone and not all men pump to hump!

pecs and abs 1

Moving on from the ‘potential-mate-to-attract’ to the ‘i-need-to-impress’, men and their weight lifting sagas can be as boring as the late evening clandestine sitcoms we see on our Indian television channels. But, all hope is not lost. There are men who think from their brains and not their knees – thankfully. These are a species who have realised the reason to pump is not for the hump, but for their health, fitness and wellness; overall well-being per se. Muscle Mary’s; I call them, the most ‘walky-talkymutton-shops’ (read: over-sized-muscular-gnomes).

Are girls really attracted to them?

To be honest; everyone drools and sighs over a fit and fab body; but sadly, most of the men roaming around with cheese and beef on their bodies, do not have the ‘attitude’ or ‘grace’ to pull it off. Hence, as a layman I cannot comment much on this.

pecs and abs 2

Demographically speaking, with personal experiences noticed, women from anywhere are attracted to other stuff on men – muscles didn’t feature on the list at times. We humans have various stages in life, and women have different ‘times of the month’ – scientifically speaking. There are women who like the ‘physical-self of a man to be muscular’ – it speaks of dominance and security, which they want. However, at what cost? Would you as a woman date or marry a man who has the brawn but not the brain? What about the I.Q levels; the connection of a simple mind, the insecurities and aggressiveness, and let me not even begin about the ‘male-ego and narcissism’, abundantly found in most ‘beef-cakes’!

Newsflash Muscle Mary’s – Women Ain’t Noticing Much!

Women these days are financially and sexually ‘very independent’! They love men with fit bodies, but what most men do not understand is that they do not analyse ‘muscular male bodies’ just as most men would; a hot slim and slender damsel!

Women do not fall in love with body parts! The brain of a woman doesn’t allow ‘objectifying’ – it has the pleasure to drool over but not fall flat for it. Believe me or not, ask a woman the difference between a ‘non-athletic’ and an ‘athletic’ body; you boys would be in for a surprise.

pecs and abs 4Image Source: Suchandragraphy

Icing on the cake, she doesn’t have to feel your arms, chest, torso or the abs and thighs to know if you are a ‘good natured soul’ or not! She may have complimented you on a ‘nice ass’ or ‘the abs’; but she left it to that – move on darlings!

Want to know the attributes which really convey ‘masculinity’ and ‘strength’ – it is your attitude and humility at the end of the day, both of which speak more than what your muscles pumped and in shape can!

Do Women Prefer Men With Abs

Bummer to end with

Weight lifting and iron pumping doesn’t make you the Adonis with her and her friends at your feet – what makes her swoon for you is your mindset and thoughts – but then again, you are screwed any which ways, you pump to hump and that’s what matters! Do I hear rants from the men-folk!

Not necessarily she digs those Pecs and Abs; do you agree?


  1. Rohan, Loved this post of yours… nothing new in saying that as I love each one of your posts. 🙂 And the pics … they are just too good. I just love looking at them… Thanks for adding another colour to IWB.

  2. aww Kanan,
    thank you muchos
    i write from the heart just as all do, and i write what i feel, hear, see and have experienced.

  3. Awesome post Rohan !! A fit guy is what women are interested in 😉 , not yo yo type guys who lift heavy weights , show off their broad shoulders n have chicken legs 😛

  4. hahaah yes tarun, havent we seen one too many of the wannabes in them chicken legs
    the moot point here is to carry your body with grace, pecs and abs neednt be the benchmark of beauty, when will the cosmetic world realise that
    time for a revolution of being fit, not muscular and mutton ki dukaan types

  5. thank you Ira, i so resonate with you when you say the same. And this goes for men and women both, if you have it , you flaunt it, but dont overdo it, and certainly women and gay men wouldnt b OMG drooling over the love of their life if they had no brains
    its like having your toast sans the butter 😉

  6. Thank you Rohan for saying this aloud! Yes, not all women are looking for a six pack. Some of us are perfectly fine with a “family pack” on our male companions.
    Whatever we do, 30 years from now our bodies will grow old anyway. What will remain however, is the human beings we are and the qualities we have. This will remain sexy forever.

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