Do You Freak Out? Time to stop it.


Do You Freak Out? Time to stop it.

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How often do you freak out? At times we have intense anxiety but it is not good if it is happening to you each and every day. People develop this habit of getting anxious and freaking out because they live in fear of the unknown and uncontrollable. This makes even ordinary stressful situations matters of life and death. In reality, it is just over-thinking. If you freak out all the time you are just disturbing yourself and people around you.

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If you fall in this category, here are some tips to prevent and control your habit of freaking out.

Don’t exaggerate

Stop exaggerating things. Stop saying negative things like “OMG, that is dangerous” in your mind and also while you converse. You should not blow up things to an extra large size when they are actually small. You should not be overstating any situation. It affects your psychology and it is not going to help you in any way. Stop this habit of making a mountain out of a mole hill. In short, don’t be a drama queen!

Stop considering that other people are experts

Yes, you heard that right. Though it is a good idea to share your thoughts and not bottle up emotions, you should not get anxious over another person’s assumptions. You are your mind’s expert. So, just chill!

You need not apologize for being human

We are a race of imperfect beings. All of us make mistakes and there is nothing wrong about. I am not saying that you should not apologize when you have wronged somebody; you shouldn’t just be apologizing around for things that are not under your control. Consider this scenario, you have a meeting with someone at 5 pm but you are stuck up in traffic. Is there any fault of yours? No, right? Don’t call up and apologize for this. Instead say that you will be there by 5.15 pm. Stop getting anxious over things that are not in your control.

Support yourself, come what may

Life throws weird situations at times. Everything seems to go against you. You might lose your job; a loved one might turn against you. It can be anything. It is in these moments that your true strength is tested. You should stop focusing on negative things and pay attention on all your good things. After all, your heart is beating and you are still alive. All is not lost. When you have been hurt once don’t hurt yourself again by focusing on the negative things. You should be good and kind to yourself. Remember don’t let any flame burn you twice.

Seek refuge in meditation

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Whenever you feel that you are surrounded by negativity, just move away from the situation. Meditate, focus on your breathing. Fill up your mind with love, kindness and gratitude. It is a great way to connect to your inner self.

Let life be a surprise

I know so many people who run to the astrologer to know what lies ahead. I too have faced troubles in life but I have never had the urge to know what future has in store. Humans were not designed to read minds or to know the future. Not knowing what is going to happen the next moment is perfectly right and perfectly human. Let life unfold slowly and enjoy each and every surprise it has in store for you.

Don’t give too much importance to insignificant things

No one is going to see whether your hair cut is proper or whether your pedicure is done perfectly. Don’t keep saying “I have to get my pedicure done”. Insignificant things should not be given so much importance. You are not going to die if you don’t get your pedicure done! Instead say “I would love to get my pedicure done!”

Keep your anxiety under control to prevent major health issues.

Try your best and stop freaking out often!

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