Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight?


Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight?

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Let me tell you that I am a teetotaller and no way going to indulge in alcohol 😉 . Having said that, I know that there are a lot of women who drink on a regular basis. Pretty sad but true 🙁 . Being a teetotaller has its own health benefits.

Do you know that alcohol and weight has a link? Some women don’t seem to gain weight even after drinking daily where others pile on kilos.


The science behind alcohol digestion by the body

Whatever you chose to drink, be it wine, beer or anything else, it is actually a combination of carbohydrates, sugar and ethanol (alcohol). When consumed, a part of the alcohol is absorbed through the stomach’s lining and enters the blood stream (giving you the kick). The sugar and carbs are digested traditionally, the alcohol is sent to the liver.

It is at this juncture that your docile drink messes up with your internal fat burner. Ethanol i.e. alcohol has no nutritive value, so the tends to burn it off first. This directly means that the rest of the calories in the stomach, be it from the drink or from the fries and crisps you had along, will be stored in the body as fat. The more fattening food you consume with alcohol, the more easy is it to be store the calories. Drinking alcohol makes a person eat junk food as his/her concentration is on immediate pleasure and not on the consequences. Fat does not need energy to be broken down by the body, it can deposit itself directly.

Can drinking make one lose weight?

Studies say that women who consume 1 or 2 alcoholic beverages a day are actually less likely to put on weight those who don’t drink!! This was found even after the subjects consumed more calories than heavy drinkers and teetotallers.

How on earth did that happen?

Scientists believe that the body of a long term but moderate drinker adapts itself to metabolize alcohol in a way that is different from that of occasional or heavy drinkers. Moderate drinkers use more energy in burning the calories in the beverage and while digesting it. Researchers have figured it out that women who consumed up to 8 ounces (237 ml to be precise) of an alcoholic drink, the calories don’t become extra fat.

Wait there is a catch!

This magic of not piling on kilos is not valid for those girls who drink their daily quota on the weekends. This so called binge drinking can’t qualify for the weight loss trick that is only applicable to moderate long term drinkers. Researchers say that the body learns to adjust metabolically to the quantity you drink and if you are not drinking on a regular basis it can’t adjust. Whatever you eat on your binge drinking day will deposit as fat in your body.

Points to be noted in this study

Evidence says that moderate drinkers tend to have healthy habits than what teetotallers have. If they consume 3 to 4 alcoholic beverages each week as a part of their diet they compensate by consuming fewer calories elsewhere. These women even exercise more, in order to knock off the extra calories.

Another point to be noted my Lord is that in the study the women were served two 120 ml glasses of wine or two 45 ml of liquor a day. In real life you are served 20 to 45 % more by the bartender at the pub or the bar.

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

Don’t become an alcohol addict just to lose weight!

I know people who are extremely desperate to lose weight and will go to any extend to lose it. Just because a study says that moderate long term drinkers can keep their weight in check, it does not mean that you need to become an alcohol addict. You might end up with other complications. It should not be the case that after reading this post seedhi saadi chori sharaabi ho gayi! LOl!

Understood the alcohol and weight loss link?

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