Does Calorie Restriction Slow Ageing?


calorie restrictionDoes Calorie Restriction Slow Ageing?

The amount of calories you intake is responsible for you going through your day. And yes, with every passing day you do age. So, can you connect the dots and find a relation between calories and ageing?

It is believed that the calories you eat in a day influences the ageing process. Let’s find if this rumor is true or no:

Yes. Restricting calories and ageing do have a connection. Less intake of calories may slow your ageing but at the same time one should keep in mind that there are less restrictive and more proactive strategies one should try out first.

Let’s dive into the details. Calorie restriction on a long term basis has been purported as one of the ways to increase your life span for a while now. According to research conducted in animals’ shows that restricting calories leads in longer lives by about 65%.

calorie restriction in animalsBut there is a difference between the physiology of humans and mice. The effects observed in them may not be the same for us. Also, we need to be pretty sure that our lifespan becomes long in a ‘meaningful’ way.

Imagine if you could live for 6 more months in your life if you could just stop eating 25 percent less calories than what your body requires. But be careful of your choices. Choosing this may make your body temperature to lower than the normal body temperature. It can also lead to a reduced metabolic rate and reduced libido.

Weigh in the pros and cons. You shall soon realize that it isn’t worth the effort. So what if there is any alternative solution?

Here are three proactive and non-restrictive strategies that are non-restrictive and proactive that have been proven to slow the aging process.

How to practice candle meditation 2 Meditate daily:

Utilize at least 10 to 20 minutes of your every day to focus on you breathing. Put down your cell phone, cut off the whole of the world and just concentrate on yourself. Count your breaths and relax.

Meditation if performed in its true sense increases the production of DHEA – the hormone responsible for our vitality by 44-90 per cent. DHEA is a key determinant of our physiological age and guards against diseases.

Meditation also increases melatonin – a sleep hormone and a very powerful anti-oxidant by 98-300 per cent. Other benefits of melatonin include anti-ageing immunoregulator and anti-depressant immunoregulator.

Alzheimer's And The Brain Diet exerciseDaily Exercise:

One cannot stress more on the benefits of regular exercise. Daily exercise in any form acts as a potent anti-ageing solution for your brain. It has very positive effects on the release of neurotransmitters and growth factors.

A research conducted on a group of 29 male and female volunteers between the ages of 20 and 84 was conducted wherein half the participants were instructed to exercise for at least 3 hours in a week while the other half were instructed to remain mostly sedentary. The results indicated that the skin of the working out people was looking visibly younger.

Fish Oil Supplements:

fish supplementThey are very good for the wellbeing of you heart and skin. It also slows down the rate in which the chromosomes in the body ages. Studies indicate that regular consumption of these supplements strengths the chromosomes which restricts their quick degeneration.

Do you agree that calorie restriction slows aging?

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