Does Eating Very Less Calories Hurt Weight Loss?


Does Eating Very Less Calories Hurt Weight Loss?

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People try a lot of things for weight loss. Following a low calorie diet is one among them. Some people eat very few calories in order to lose weight. Is it right to skimp on calories? Let us find out.

Reducing your food intake can put your body inside a vicious cycle and lead to weight gain. If person is not eating enough, he/she might not lose weight. On increasing the intake of food they lose weight. Sounds weird, right? Well, here is the reasoning behind this. When you don’t eat enough you send your body into a starvation mode. The body’s metabolism slows down because it is not known where more calories are going to come from.

Intermittent fasting

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Have you heard of intermittent fasting? It involves alternating days of regular eating with days of very minimal eating. It may work and help you lose weight but it needn’t be the best strategy for you. What works for one need not work well for another person. When one follows intermittent fasting, the starvation mode is avoided because there are days of regular eating. But restricting the body of sufficient food on other days cannot be viewed as a long term healthy option.

Signals that you are starving

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The deficit of calories that make a person enter starvation mode depends on various factors and is different for each individual. When you body is not getting sufficient food it will send major signals. You might be feeling dizzy, extremely tired by afternoon, have headaches and naturally feel hungry always. You won’t be able to perform your level best.

When do people skimp on food?

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Usually people tend to skimp on food after a workout. People overwork themselves during the workout and then try to reduce their calories by not refueling later. This is not right. The body needs nutrients to rebuild itself especially after an intense workout session.

What should be your minimum calorie intake?

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Most experts recommend a minimum of 1,200 calories a day. What if you are feeling full with 1,100 calorie intake? In such cases you have to look closely at what the calories are made up of. If the 1,100 calories comprise of enough fat and protein that help you get through the day then probably it is enough. But you should not lie to yourself and follow a low calorie diet plan only when you are genuinely satisfied. If your body is happy you need not push your body to eat more just to reach a number. From the medical point of view, as long as you are healthy, you can listen to your body.

Look beyond calories

beyond calories

Experts say that one should look beyond calories and focus on what the meal composes of. There are several diets that have a calorie limit. If it is a 1,600 calories a day diet, you can easily gorge on 1,600 calories of chips, pizza and candy. What if you get the same 1,600 calories from avocado, olive oil and chicken? Got the point? It is not just about calories. You need to think beyond calories. You can have 1,600 calories of junk or 1,600 calories of healthy food. It is your choice. The body burns food more efficiently when the food is less processed. When you consume healthy whole foods, you tend to avoid blood sugar spikes and blood sugar crashes. Spikes and crashes of blood sugar take place when you consume a lot of processed foods. Healthy whole food delivers slow-burning energy that will help you bid goodbye to afternoon slumps. So, don’t just see the calories look at the nutrients the food has to offer too.

Does Eating Very Less Calories Hurt Weight Loss? What do you feel?

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