Does Starvation Mode Really Exist?


Does Starvation Mode Really Exist?

Your brain doesn’t necessarily see weight loss as a positive thing. Yes, weight loss can bring improved health, better looks and both physical and mental benefits. But, your brain is more worried about keeping you from starving. It has to make sure that you and your genes survive.

Does starvation mode really exist?

starvation mode- real or imaginary

Let’s try to explain “starvation mode”. When you lose a lot of weight, your body starts to conserve energy by reducing the amount of calories you burn. This makes you feel hungrier and lazier which increases your cravings for food.

If not taken care of, this can cause you to have a laid back attitude, which will make your gain your weight back.

Unfortunately, this protective response can cause more harm than good where overfeeding is a much, much greater threat to human health than starvation.

Now how to prevent this from happening?

  • Avoid Metabolic Slowdown

Your metabolism slowing down is a natural response to reduced calorie intake. To mitigate this, you can do resistance exercises. It has been studied that women who did resistance exercise maintained their metabolic rate, their muscle mass and their strength levels.


Intake of high protein diet can both reduce appetite and boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. Remember to just add more protein without consciously restricting anything. This will cut cravings, reduce late-night snacking and save you from munching on those useless calories per day.

  • Take a Break From Your Diet

Some days eat slightly above your diet range and then continue with your diet a few day later. This can temporarily boost some of the hormones that go down with weight loss, such as leptin and thyroid hormone.

You may take longer break for weeks but remember nit to eat so much that you start gaining the fat back. Don’t worry about gaining some pounds from the extra food and the water weight.

What about a Weight loss Plateau?

How to Break Weight Loss Plateaus think different

When people initially start losing weight, fat may disappear very quickly without much effort. However, things tend to slow down after that. You may not even notice any noticeable movement on the scale. There may be many causes for this and it may not necessarily mean that you aren’t losing weight.

Yes. Starvation mode is real. But it is not as powerful as everyone believes. It can cause a slowdown the weight loss over time but it won’t make the lost fat to come back despite restricting the calories. Starvation mode is just an entire spectrum of the body adapting to either increased or decreased calorie intake. Even so, starvation mode is actually an inaccurate term. “Metabolic adaptation” or “Metabolic slowdown” would be more appropriate. To sum it up, it is simply the body’s natural physiological response to reduced calorie intake. Without it, humans would have become extinct thousands of years ago.

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