Does Sweating Make You Lose Fat?


Does Sweating Make You Lose Fat? Find Out!

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Ever wondered why you sweat? Sweating is an indication of a rigourous fat burning workout or a reaction to a typically hot and humid day. Let me tell you right at the beginning of this post that sweating doesn’t burn fat. It only helps in regulating your body temperature. In case a high-intensity exercise makes you sweat, it can be due to burning significant number of calories-most of which are from fat. With that being said, forcing yourself to sweat more than usual by working out in hot environments or by wearing heavy clothes will not help you lose fat!


woman sweating- home remedies for excessive sweating

It is the body’s natural reaction when the core temperature crosses over the 98.6 degree F threshold. You start sweating to maintain the temperature preferred by the body. Sweat contains water, salts, sugar and a bit of waste products.

There are also people who sweat way more than others in the same conditions. Your sweat rate gets influenced by humidity and temperature but there are other factors too like gender, age, fitness level and genetics.

How does sweating cool you down? Well, when the moisture present in the sweat evaporates from the skin, it helps in cooling you down. When the climate is hot and humid, you will sweat more but that does not mean that you are burning more number of calories or fat. The concept of sweating is just to bring the body temperature down.

How you burn fat?

Fat does not technically melt or burn. It is released from fat cells in order to provide you with energy. The body breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerols that get metabolized. The more energy you require, the more is pulled out from fat cells. The body function that causes use of fat for energy operates independently of the function that causes sweating.

Working out purposefully in a hot and humid environment doesn’t necessarily mean that you are burning more fat. You are just raising the temperature of the body to a point at which you sweat more. But doing so can actually be dangerous. Wearing warm clothing may prompt you to sweat more but that has nothing to do with fat loss. You might sweat sooner and probably lose water weight.

Sweaty workout and fat burn – A relationship

Woamn sweating- Do you suffer from body heat

Sweat does not burn fat but it can indicate that you are working out hard. As you work out more intensely, your core temperature rises and that makes you sweat. If you sweat because of a hard workout and not due to external temperature, you are most likely to use up energy and burn fat.

Sitting on the beach on a hot day does not need lots of energy and thus doesn’t use significant amounts of fat. You sweat because it is hot. Running a marathon on a cold winter morning will still burn fat even if you don’t sweat.

Workouts that don’t make you to sweat are still beneficial. Yoga and Pilates build core strength and flexibility but do not make you sweat too much. Even without sweating you are building a stronger and far more functional body.

Weight loss and sweat

After a workout that makes you sweat heavily, you will notice your weight go down. This is not fat loss but loss of fluids that need to be replaced with water or a sports drink to prevent dehydration.

Working out in a dehydrated condition will not be able to let you sweat efficiently. This won’t let your body cool down and affect your performance. It is recommended that you drink sufficient water before, during and after your work out. Weigh yourself after workout and if you find that you have lost a lot of water weight, drink water to replenish it.

The bottom line

Sweating does not make you lose fat!

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