Is Drinking Liquids With Meals Bad For Health?


Drinking Liquids With Meals Is Bad For Health Or Not?

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You must have heard people telling you that drinking liquids with meals disrupts digestion. There are others who say that drinking liquids with meals leads to a variety of health issues. But can a glass of plain water with your meals really have negative effects on your health? Or is this just a myth?

First, let us have a look at some digestion basics

When you eat, food gets mixed with the saliva in the mouth and then with the gastric juice present in the stomach. Once the food enters the small intestine, bile and enzymes break the food’s nutrients down and prepare them for absorption by the blood stream.

Can Drinking Liquids With Meals disrupt digestion?


Here are 3 common claims:

1) Alcohol and acidic drinks affect saliva

Some people argue that drinking alcoholic or acidic drinks along with your meals can dry up your saliva and make digestion difficult.

This does have some truth in it. With every unit of alcohol, saliva flow decreases by 10 to 15 percent. But this is in connection with hard liquor and not with beer and wine. Now talking about acidic drinks, it can actually increase the secretion saliva.

Also, there is no strong scientific proof that alcohol or acidic drinks can affect digestion or absorption when consumed in moderation.

2) Water and its affect on stomach acid and enzymes

People say that drinking water along with meals dilutes the acid in the stomach and the digestive enzymes. It makes it difficult for the body to digest food.

This claim means that our body cannot adjust its secretions according to the consistency of the meal. Let me tell you that it is false!

3) Liquids affect speed of digestion

There is a popular argument that drinking liquids along with meals increases the speed by which solid food leaves the stomach.

There is no scientific evidence to support the above. According to one study, the liquids do not affect the digestion speed of solid food.


Do you know in some cases digestion gets improved with liquids?

Liquids are said to be helpful in breaking down food and helping them slide down the esophagus and into the belly. The liquids also help in moving it smoothly, thereby preventing constipation and bloating.

Also, the stomach is known to secrete water along with gastric acids and enzymes during digestion. Water is needed to help promote the proper functioning of the digestive enzymes.

Water reduces appetite and intake of calories

When you drink water with meals, it gives you a moment to check whether you are full or not. This prevents overeating and can probably help you lose weight. Remember, that all this applies to water alone and not to fizzy, sugary drinks.

Certain people should not drink liquids with meals

Though drinking liquids with food can be beneficial, there are people who should avoid doing so. People suffering with gastroesophageal reflux disease should not drink liquids with meals o else they will end up with the symptoms of reflux.

It is up to you!

Now it is all up to you! If drinking liquids with meals make you uncomfortable with bloating and acid reflux, you better drink liquids before or after a meal. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about consuming liquids during meals.

Just remember to keep yourself well hydrated.

Hope you found this post on Drinking Liquids With Meals useful!

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