Have You Been Drinking Too Many Calories?


Have You Been Drinking Too Many Calories?

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You like to drink beverages like tea, milk, juices, soft drinks, coffee, smoothies and energy drinks, don’t you? Well, summer is here and drinks are hard to resist. Apart from the regular tea and coffee people go in for soft drinks. Soft drinks are endorsed by stars, how can you possibly miss out on them even if they are bad for your health! But when it comes to watching your weight, you need to pay attention to the number of calories you are simply guzzling down. Let us delve in deeper to unravel the calories hiding in your glass of juice and can of soft drink!

Soft drinks

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Soft drinks top the chart when it comes to adding on to your calorie intake. You can gulp down upto 250 calories in a 350 ml serving of the soft drink. Morever, they come in different sizes like 600 ml bottles, 1 litre, 1.5 litre and 2 litres bottles. So, it is easy to add on to the calories if you are not being conscious.

Packaged & sweetened fruit juice


Do you know the so called ‘healthy’ packaged juices have a lot of calories? There are 216 calories in 350 ml pack? You must be thinking that such juices are healthy. Please read the ingredients list and you will know that the % of fruit added is quite low. Always check the calorie count of the juice before purchasing it.

100% fruit juice


You may wonder that 100% fruit juice is healthy for you and you can go for it as all the usgar in it is directly from the fruit and all natural. However, let me tell you that it also contributes to the calories in your diet. Fruit juice is concentrated in sugar unlike a whole fruit and this makes it high in calories. The way out is to stick to a 120 to 180 ml of 100% juice for breakfast and eating a whole piece of fruit as a snack or adding berries to your yoghurt. It is better to eat fruits rather than drinking their juice.


The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings milk

Milk is not paid attention too when it comes to counting calories. Though it is good for your health, it does contribute to your caloric intake. A single serving of milk is a glass of 250 ml but you might be pouring out more in you big cereal bowl. Milk is no doubt nourishing and you should be drinking it but just keep a watch at your portion size.


cappuccino- healthy eatind coffee day

There are many who can’t open their eyes in the morning without a cup of hot coffee. The beverage is calorie free if you happen to have it black. It is because of the additives added to it make the calorie count rise. A 250 ml latte made with whole milk has 130 calories in it and after adding whipped cream and sugar, your drink is more than 200 calories. Well, this is what happens at places like coffee day and Barista. You can always make a humble cup of coffee at home that is lower in calories.

Energy and sports drinks

sports-drink running myth

Some people depend a lot on energy and sports drinks. The regular gym goers fall in this category. They favour such drinks as a pre-workout or post workout drink. They look tiny but have 112 calories to offer per cup. You may be downing the entire bottle which is more than one cup and as a result you will be guzzling down more calories.

The message

It is easy to drink beverages mindlessly while watching your favourite TV show or at the movie theatre. Before you know it you would have consumed too many calories. This post does not aim at making you stop having beverages! Instead it aims at making you aware of the calories that are getting inside you through drinks. Maintain portion control and ward off sugary soft drinks because they cause a lot of health problems.

So, Have You Been Drinking Too Many Calories lately?

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