How Eating Early Lunch Helps Lose Weight?


Eating Early Lunch Helps Lose Weight Says Research!

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When do you have your lunch? Prefer having it later in the day or early? A new Spanish study has revealed that dieters who had their lunch early lost more weight than those who had lunch later. The study doesn’t directly mean that an early lunch helps lose weight. However, it is possible that the time you choose for eating has a role to play in regulating body weight.

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It is time to pay attention to not just what you eat but also to when you eat. The study involved 420 people who attended nutrition clinics in South-East Spain. Apart from going to group therapy sessions for exercise and nutrition counselling, dieters measured, weighed as well as recorded their food and reported their physical activities.

The participants were on a Mediterranean diet with 40% of their whole day’s calories consumed at lunch. Half of the people reported that they ate lunch before 3 pm and the remaining said after 3 pm. For 20 weeks both early and late lunchers consumed a similar amount of food and burned a similar number of calories by daily activities.

It was found that people who had an early lunch lost 22 pounds on an average and late lunch eaters lost 17 pounds! At what time the dieters ate breakfast or dinner had no link whatsoever to their final weight loss.

One limitation of this study is that the researchers did not assign randomly assign people to eat early or late. Thus, it is possible that there are underlying differences between dieters having different mealtimes. Also, late lunchers had a gene variant which is linked to obesity.

A nutrition researcher is of the opinion that people who eat later might have extra food in their belly when they go to sleep. This can mean that more of it is not burned but is stored as fat.

Another aspect is glucose tolerance, which is how well you are able to deal with the sugar in your food. The body is said to be able to cope up with it in the morning than in the evening. Also, how often does a person eat during the day or whether he or she brings home cooked food or from a restaurant can also contribute to weight loss. Food purchased from an eat out is likely to make a person gain weight due to the unhealthy and fattening ingredients added to the food.

Amongst Americans late eating is highly prevalent. Consumption pattern in the US is quite different when compared to other nations. Most of the people in America skip their breakfast or lunch and land up overdoing the number of calories during dinner. It is always said that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day but in the US, dinner is counted as the biggest meal of the day. Researchers expect that people who ate later dinners are more likely to have a tough time at losing weight based on their findings.

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It is important for people to spread out their calories throughout the day. Make sure that you have a hearty breakfast and filling lunch, just keep your dinner light!

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