4 Cool Tricks To Ease Your Back Pain


Cool Tricks To Ease Your Back Pain

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Do you have back pain often? How do you fix it? Do you head out to get a massage? Well, you can fix your back pain by following a few tried and tested tricks throughout the day! Keep reading to know all about them!

The thing is that most of us seem to completely ignore the influence of the entire day and our day-to-day habits that affect the back. You can change how your back feels by being aware of your daily habits.

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Here are 4 tricks to ease your back pain

1) Pay attention to your posture


Keep a close check on the way you sit and stand. What is your body posture like? See if you can improve anything about your standing and sitting posture. Does your pelvis drift forward when you stand? You have to consciously bring back over the heels. Is your head tilted in front of your shoulders? Gently align it back. You need to ask yourself often during the day ‘How am I standing or sitting?’. ‘Can I be in a more effortless and aligned position?’. Doing so will bring greater results.

2) Breathe with the entire rib cage

Once you are done with the alignment part, you need to pay attention to the way you breathe. You first need to relax your jaw, shoulders and upper body and let the breath come in effortlessly. While breathing, focus on a complete expansion of your rib cage. You must breathe sideways into the ribs, back into lower back and let your shoulders and neck take a break. While exhaling, allow yourself to exhale fully before taking the next breath.

3) Move the spine

Movement ensures that there is proper blood flow and metabolic wastes are cleared. Feel your spine as the more you do it, the better chance you have to be able to coordinate muscles when you have to lift, twist, punch, chop, skip or sprint.

Begin with gentle movements for your spine, something like cat-cow stretches or slowly curling and uncurling your spine while lying down on your side. Stay connected with your breathing. Just do it slowly! These can be done as a warm-up for your exercise routine too.

cat cow pose for back strengthening

4) Sit less

Are you sitting too much

If you have a sedentary lifestyle with a job that makes you sit all day long, set up a timer to remind yourself to get up after every 60 mins. This will be helpful in keeping the deep muscles attached to the spine supple and moving. It is sufficient to walk for a few minutes, but it would be great if you have time for stretching too. When you sit at your desk again, check if your back is straight and your pelvis and feet are stable and grounded. You can then return to your work with boosted energy and focus.

Follow the above tricks to ease your back pain and see the difference. It is important to stay fit and happy!

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