Easy And Instant Low Carb Fish Fry Recipe With Ready To Cook Spice Mix

fish recipes instant India

Easy And Instant Low Carb Fish Fry Recipe With Ready To Cook Spice Mix

In this busy and beautiful life there is little time for everything. Little time for maintaining your home, little time to exercise and little time for shopping or having fun and of course no time for cooking 😛


fish recipes instant India

I always look for quick ways to make my food healthy , nutritious,  and low carb and that’s when I found this fish fry masala which doesn’t require much of cooking and is low carb as well.


Fish is great for those who are looking for weight loss.It has healthy omega – 3 fatty acids .Omega- 3 are essential fats which body can not make. They help to keep the blood from clotting too easily and add to a better cholesterol ratio.Also, fish is full of flavour and taste.


fish fry low carb India

Here is the nutrition information of this Low carb fish fry recipe:-


fsh fry low carb nutrition


It’s quite simple to make it .One doesn’t need to add onion, ginger, garlic, salt or any other spices in it so I save a lot of time in making this.I use basa fillet you can use any fish of your choice. Just apply salt and rub lemon juice on it and let it stay for a while.Afterwards marinate the fish in the masala for 15-20 minutes and deep fry in coconut oil or any oil of your choice.



Low carb fish fry recipe


Your yummy fried low carb fish is ready.I like to have it once a week in my evening snack and it makes me so full that sometimes I have to skip my dinner itself.These are spicy , soft from inside and crunchy outside .

Low carb fishes recipe


If you know any other low carb fish variation then do let me know in the comment section .Happy fitness 🙂


Do check out below fish recipes from Avanti. She just knows how to make some real tasty fish 🙂 .

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 Are you ready with your fish fillets to make easy and instant low carb fish fry recipe?

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