Easy Egg Chicken Cabbage Soup



Easy Egg Chicken Cabbage Soup

We often eat eggs, soup and chicken but combining them and having together is something that I absolutely love.  The recipe that I’m going to share with all of you out there is quite easy, low in calorie and it’s Oil free!! This is great for all health conscious foodies out there. It is a healthy, light, clear soup that tastes so good that you would have to make it yourself to believe that!! 😉 So let’s get started!!


  • Chicken including leg piece that would make it around 150-200g (washed and cut into medium sized pieces) – 1 cup (approximately)

  • Cabbage (shredded) – 1½ cup.

  • Garlic – 2 thick cloves (chopped/ minced anything would do)

  • Green capsicum medium size (chopped) – ½ in number

    Onion medium sized (chopped) – 1½ in number

  • Fresh spring onion and spring garlic(chopped) – 1 bunch/bundle each. (You can also add leek. I love adding leek to this soup, it gives an awesome flavour. Since it’s not the leek season yet so I couldn’t get a hand on it.)

  • Green chillies – 2.

  • Water – 500ml.

  • Salt – 2 teaspoon (or add/adjust it as per your taste).

  • Egg – 1

  • Black pepper as per your requirement!!


  • Wash the chicken pieces.

  • Take a pressure cooker, add 400ml of water and add the chicken.

  • Close/cover the lid and cook it on a medium flame till it gives 2 whistles!

    egg chicken cabbage soup

  • Now wash all the ingredients and without wasting any time just chop them !

    low carb cabbage soup

  • Now take a non-stick cooking pot. Transfer the boiled chicken along with all the water (chicken broth) to the cooking pot from the pressure cooker.

    egg chicken soup

  • Smash the chicken pieces with a wooden spoon to make it shredded.. If you want you can keep the pieces as it is. But shredded chicken soup tastes better.

  • Add chopped garlic, green chilli, 2teaspoon of salt and stir.

    low carb egg soup

  • Add chopped onions and capsicum, stir, cover the pot and let it boil for 3-4 minutes on a medium to high flame.

    egg chicken cabbage

  • Uncover, check if the onions have turned soft. If yes, add your chopped onion and garlic greens, stir, cover the pot and let it boil for 1minute on medium flame. (If onions didn’t turn soft yet, then let it boil for another 30 secs/1 minute and then add your chopped onion and garlic plants, stir, cover the pot and let it boil for 1minute on medium flame.

    egg chicken low carb soup

  • On the other hand, uncover the pot, add cabbage, and 1teaspoon of salt, stir, cover and let it boil for 1-2 minutes on high flame. Don’t boil it on high flame for more than 2 minutes because I am sure you don’t want your cabbage to turn mushy and your soup to turn bland in taste.

    low carb chicken soup

  • If you want you can separate your soup into 2 halves. Keep the other half for later use. (What I’m saying is that have half of the soup in the morning and rest of the half in the evening! Like that!!)

  • Now to the half of the soup you want to eat, crack an egg in the middle of your soup, sprinkle some salt and cover it for 2 minutes on a low to medium flame.


  • And…. that’s it!! No more steps required!! Uncover, sprinkle some black pepper and serve it when it’s still hot!!

Serving option:

Quantity given here is to serve for only 2 people.

Just enjoy the taste of clear healthy egg chicken cabbage soup. You can have it with crispy bread toasts on a winter morning as your breakfast. After a

After a work out I prefer adding noodles and egg just before serving, like that it tastes fresh, and filling.

Don’t keep it in the fridge for more than a day as it will lose its taste.
P.s- I didn’t add carrots and beans because in this particular soup, carrots and beans simply spoil the taste. It tastes completely different with carrots and beans in it but adding leek to it just gives a fabulous rich flavour!! If you want it to be a bit more healthy and heavy you can add carrots and beans!

So try it and let me know how did you like this easy Egg Chicken Cabbage soup?

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