Easy Low Carb Parsley Spinach Cheese Fritters Recipe


Easy Low Carb Parsley Spinach Cheese Fritters Recipe

parsley spinach fritters 5

Parsley Spinach Cheese Fritters

Last week I bought some parsley from farmer’s market but didn’t like the strong flavours of it in my soup and salads. Thus was thinking how to use it. My grand mother always told us not to waste green ‘saag’, ” If you let saag leaves dry or waste them, those leaves are going to curse you.” LOL… as a young girl I used to find it very funny and laugh it off but now I realise well why she used to say so, as even I feel now that these humble green leaves are the best food one can ever ask for… low on carbs and calories and full on nutrition. So remembering those words I was thinking of using that bunch of parsley any way possible. So collecting all low carb ingredients I could I decided to make Fritters or Pakoras. 🙂

Now these are the ingredients that I found in the kitchen:


Parsley –   10 sprigs

Spinach leaves – 10 leaves

Cheese slices  – 2

Besan – 20 gm

onion chopped – 20 gm

Garlic (crushed) –  1 tsp

Salt, pepper, red -green chillies according to your taste.

Oil for frying.


  • Chop all greens fine.
  • Add salt, pepper, red and green chillies along with onion and crushed garlic.
  • Mix well adding Besan.
  • Crush leaves well so that besan binds leaves well.

The mix should look like this.. Besan just enough to bind greens.

parsley spinach fritters 1

  •  Now form a ball of mix and press lightly.
  • Take 1/4th slice of cheese slice and fill it inside the mixture ball.
  • Cover cheese with mixture.

parsley spinach fritters 2

  •  And the balls flattened, go in the wok for frying.

parsley spinach fritters 3

  •  Turn sides of fritter and fry on medium flame till golden brown.

parsley spinach fritters 4

  •  Finally, take out the fritters on a kitchen towel and serve either with chutney or ketchup. Enjoy the cheese oozing out of those hot fritters.

parsley spinach fritters 6

Now for the nutrition data of this recipe. 🙂

parsley spinach cheese fritters

Okay, now the nutrition analysis. See, this recipe got me around 6 medium sized fritters ready. So one serve of two fritters is 80 calories, and just 6gm Net Carb. So though not so low carb yet better than other fritters we generally have which have lesser veggies more of besan. So good enough for me in breakfast with a big mug of black coffee with cream and stevia.

Do you think these Parsley Spinach Cheese Fritters are good enough for your breakfast?

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