7 Easy To Digest Foods

easy to digest foods

List Of Easy To Digest Foods

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Do you face digestive troubles often? If yes, you should stick to easy to digest foods. Now, you may wonder what exactly the definition of easy to digest food is! Well, keep reading!

What do you mean by easy to digest food?

When someone says that a food is difficult to digest, it means that the digestive system takes longer to digest that food. Plus, it can have side effects like gas, bloating and heartburn. Food that is rich in fibre usually takes longer to get digested. Though fibre is good for health, it goes undigested through the system and consuming too much of it can cause bloating and gas.

High fat foods slow down digestion and stay in the stomach for a longer time. On the flip side, foods that are easy to digest get absorbed by the body quickly without any side effects such as bloating and gas. Generally, foods that are easy to digest have simple carbs in them without fibre. It can also be rich in protein and without any carbs.

Here’s a list of easy to digest food

1) Rice

cooked rice - easy to digest food

Rice contains carbs and is easy to digest. Though brown rice is known to be healthier than the white variety, the body is able to digest the white rice faster. However, don’t cool the rice after you boil it as it becomes less digestible that way. Upon cooling, the starch turns into resistant starch that is difficult to digest. If you want to have an easy-to-digest food, eat white rice when it is still warm.

2) Lean meat


Chicken and turkey are lean meats that are easy on the belly. They are filling as they contain good quality protein. Stay away from meat that is deep fried or pan fried as it has added fat that upsets the stomach. Be sure that you cook meat the right way or else food borne bacteria can lead to vomiting or diarrhoea.

3) Bananas

bananas_tummy flattening foods

Ripe bananas are both easy to digest as well as nutritious. When compared to green bananas (unripe), they have lesser amount of resistant starch and fibre in them.

4) Boiled potatoes

sweet potato vs white potato-which is better

Once potatoes are cooked, the starch in them turns easy to digest. When compared to baked potatoes, boiled potatoes have less amount of resistant starch. This makes boiled ones easy on the stomach. However, just like white rice, cooling potatoes after you boil them increases their resistant starch content. So, eat them when they are still warm.

5) Instant oatmeal

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Instant oats get easily digested by the body. They are usually rolled into thin flakes and that breaks down the starch, making instant oats easy to digest. Be sure that you buy oats that are labelled gluten free if you are sensitive to gluten and have celiac disease. Though oats don’t have gluten, the chances of getting contaminated with gluten are high as they are processed in the same equipment as grains like wheat and barley.

5) Lean fish

Tilapia fish benefits

Fish is easy to digest and has a plenty of health benefits to offer. The lean fish variety contains good quality protein without carbs and almost nil fat. Usually, animal protein is way easier to digest than protein from plants.

7) Yoghurt

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Yoghurt contains friendly bacteria in it that keeps the gut healthy. It benefits the digestive health and supports immune function along with weight loss. Yoghurt is great for those with lactose intolerance as they can consume it in moderation without suffering from side effects.

Hope you liked reading about easy to digest foods!

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