Easy Ways To Lose Weight


Easy Ways To Lose pounds

Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Are you looking for some easy ways to lose weight and feel frustrated after knowing that weight loss is not easy and that there are no shortcuts to weight loss? Then you are at the right place reading the right thing to learn the easiest ways to lose weight.

Let me explain all this taking you through a normal day of a working person.


Start your day with water – water and lots of water… well say two or three glasses of cold or lukewarm water. It helps to keep your tummy clean which is important to keep those extra kilos off on a daily basis.

Get the morning walk benefit by getting up just ten to fifteen minutes earlier and going for a brisk walk or light jog. Even spot jogging is enough to bring you in a good mood leading to a feeling of getting something accomplished early in the morning. Remember you can burn around 100 calories in those fifteen minutes. Follow 12 minutes per mile walking program.


Easy Ways To Lose weight breakfast
Once the morning happy waking up of the soul is over, think about how you can keep the burnt calories off. If you are not a Vegan then eggs are the best bet with a cup of milk. Eggs keep you filled and are great complete nutritious meal. Try to add a bit of fiber to them for better bowel movement. Otherwise, opt for any sugar-free cereal with milk and a fruit.

Work time

Most of you spend your whole day in front of your computers these days. Technology is actually killing us all, but it is a necessary evil. Still we need to get up and get moving after intervals to keep that metabolism moving. Get up from your seat and do some spot walking wherever possible, how to do it..read here.

Take your salad tiffins and healthy food packs with peanuts, chana, soya beans, cheese slices as snacks and for that devilish feeling to munch something n between so that you don’t have to share rice and roti tiffins of your friends.

Travelling hours

Easy Ways To Lose weight while travellingLosing weight, feeling better, looking better takes a toll when you are traveling back home from office as you feel tired and hungry ready to gobble up anything that comes your way……healthy or unhealthy who cares! Think what can you keep in your bag to avoid such moments.. an apple, a handful of almonds, peanuts or roasted chana may be. What say!

Dinner Time

Easy Ways To Lose weight dinner

Now this I personally feel is the most dangerous time of the whole day. Most of us eat this one meal with our family and while chatting tend to eat more than what we need to eat. Thus, the easiest way to keep extra calories off during this time of the day is to go for a no grains diet with lots of salads and soup.


walkawaywaistline leslie sansoneAs Dr. Suess rightly said,“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.”

We need to remember the simple “Calories in and Calories out Formula”; The number of calories you consume in a day should only be 1200 minimum. Beyond that, whatever you eat if you burn all, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be losing weight. Never forget that being FAT is unhealthy, uncomfortable and embarrassing too.

Hope you find all these tips simple enough to follow. Try it and let us know here at IWB if it works for you.

Do you know any other easy ways to lose weight?

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