Why Is It Difficult To Eat Carbs In Moderation?

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Find Out Why Is It Difficult To Eat Carbs In Moderation

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Have you ever indulged in a carb binge even after avoiding carbs for months? Why is it difficult to eat carbs in moderation? Why can’t you resist carbs even after days, weeks or months of living on a low carb diet? Well, you will get your questions answered here!

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Let’s find out about the addictive nature of simple carbs, carb cravings and how both lead to weight gain and obesity.

The real cause behind obesity and cravings

It may be surprising to know that researchers are quite divided about answering this question. Most of them believe that obesity is due to excessive intake of calories. This implies that people turn obese because they have a lack of self-discipline or willpower or even because of a psychological reason.

The other group of researchers feels that obesity is due to hormonal imbalances, hormone insulin in particular. This is because insulin plays a pivotal role in what we crave for, what we eat and how much fat the body accumulates. Researchers say that if you happen to elevate insulin even a little bit, the body starts burning carbs for fuel instead of burning fat. Also, the more insulin you release, the more you start craving for carbs. It seems that insulin forces energy into fat cells and deprives other cells of the energy they would have utilized. This makes them enter the starvation mode and as a result makes you hungry. And the hunger is not just for any food but for carbs in particular.

Is it possible to eat carbs in moderation?

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If the cycle of insulin stimulation and carb craving happens to be accurate, then all your hard work behind avoiding sugar and simple carbs will not protect you against their addictive nature. Also, the age-old ‘eat everything in moderation’ will not apply. The new way of looking at the insulin and carb relation also tells why we crave carbs so much. And why just a few number of potato chips gets turned into a full-blown binge even after controlling carb intake for several days, months or even years.

What is the solution?

Doctors, health experts and nutritionists say that fat is the answer! This is because fat is the sole macronutrient that does not stimulate insulin. According to an addiction specialist, the best way is to treat this like an actual addiction by saying no to high-glycemic foods and throwing them out of your home and avoiding places where they are easily available.

The bottom line

Most clinicians and researchers are beginning to believe that obesity and cravings are far more complex than mere lack of willpower and ingestion of too many calories. It is still not clear how things work but we know that quitting sugar and carbs can be a lot easier than eating them in moderation when it comes to self-control and will power.

What say? Ready to quit carbs and win the weight gain battle?

Hope you liked finding out Why Is It Difficult To Eat Carbs In Moderation!

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