Tips To Eat Healthy Living In Hostel

eat healthy in hostel

How to eat healthy living in hostel

eat healthy living in hostel

While living away from home, students have to manage quite a lot of things on their own, food being the most important one. When the child is away from home, the first thing that changes is their food habits because the options become limited and vast both at the same time. Limited in the sense that they start getting the same food repeatedly in the hostel mess and vast in terms that they have numerous options of ordering the food or having fast food outside. In most of the cases it is observed that the inclination towards fast food increases, which seems to be fine in the short run but causes major health issues in the long run. Let us see how we can eat healthy living in hostel.

eat healthy in hostel

Tips to eat healthy while living in hostel

Hostel Mess: Food Tips

The hostel mess offers a wide range of food items and the top priority of the students living in the hostel should be to follow these basic rules:

  • Eat maximum of the meals from the hostel mess because the menu is catered to fulfill nutritional needs of a growing child.
  • The nutritional rich food must be consumed in larger proportion.

Treat yourself to Oats:

When you wish to cook on your own in the hostel, think about  and Oats not Maggi. One must always look for healthier options and if the agenda is to look for something which is equally efficient in saving time, then oats are the best option.
These are available in various flavors as ready to make and you can even make them on your own.

Healthy Fats: Almonds

eat healthy in hostel

Usually it is seen that in growing years the students after moving out from the house generally suffer deficiency of various vital elements. Almonds are the easiest source of gaining the required fats by the body. So the consumption of almonds on a regular basis should be practiced by the students that gives you a dual purpose as apart from the nutritional value, you always have something to munch.

Hydrate with Water:

Nothing is more important than being hydrated for anyone in general, just not the hostel students. Water bottle should be a must have in your essentials. Being hydrated solves most of the problems from the root cause. Stay away from fizzy drinks and focus on drinking as much water as you can.

Healthy Snacks: Cucumber

Tips to eat healthy in hostel

Now coming to snacks, being a teenager you can hardly resist snacking. Concentrate more on having healthy snacks such as cucumber being the most easily available item.

Stop Smoking:

eat healthy living in hostel

Being away from home it is easiest for the children to pickup wrong habits like smoking. So it is highly advised to restrain oneself from indulging into wrong practices like these. One should keep a desirable distance from anyone having such habits.

Sleep Well:

Apart from eating habits, the other thing that gets affected when we step out from the house is the sleep pattern. Usually students tend to study till late night resulting in improper schedule of rest which eventually causes anxiety and stress, that worsens health.

Protein Enriched Diet:

Having a balanced diet, rich in all the vital elements is the basic necessity. Students must ensure having enough protein content in their diet. If needed, protein supplements can be consumed in a controlled amount adding to the benefits to the body.

Workout To Stay Active

eat healthy in hostelSimply eating healthy can not be the only way to be fit, along with being considerate about the diet, one should also start working out as that helps in burning the extra calories. Along with diet in hostels for students this must also be inculcated in the daily routine.

Well, all these above mentioned tips to eat healthy while living in hostel, can surely help one in keeping a healthy mind and body to help you concentrate on studies better.

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