Eat protein for breakfast to lose weight! Find Out Why?


Eating Protein For Breakfast Can Help Weight Loss!

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The easiest and most effective way to shed weight is to add more protein to your diet. Studies reveal that protein can help in reducing your appetite and stop you from overeating. Thus, typically beginning your day with a protein packed breakfast is an effective weight loss tip.

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How protein makes you lose weight?

Protein is an extremely essential nutrient for weight loss. The main reason behind this is that the body burns more calories to metabolize protein when compared to carbs or fat. Protein is also known to keep your tummy full for long.

Studies show that those who increased their protein intake lost more weight. One study found that by increasing protein intake by 25% total calories reduce late night snacking by 50% and thoughts about food by 60%. Protein intake also helps maintain long term weight loss.

A high-protein breakfast makes you eat less

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Several studies are examining the way protein affects eating behaviour. Certain studies show that a breakfast high in protein helps people consume 135 calories less late in the day. According to MRI scans, eating a protein rich breakfast reduces brain signals that control food motivation. Protein helps you in feeling full as it activates the signals of the body that reduce appetite. This reduces your tendency to overeat and reduces cravings.

Lose weight and belly fat with high-protein breakfasts

Mung Bean Pancakes High Protein healthy Recipe

Breakfasts high in protein can help reduce appetite and cravings and at the same time help you lose belly fat. The more protein you eat, the less belly fat you will have.

In one study of obese teens, it was observed that they lost more weight when their grain-based breakfast was replaced with an egg-based meal.

It has been found that eating a protein packed breakfast can lead to a lot of weight loss, especially when you have to lose a lot of weight.

Protein can boost metabolism slightly


You can lose weight by speeding up your metabolism as it makes you burn more number of calories.

To metabolize protein the body uses more number of calories (20 to 30 percent) when compared to carbs (50 to 10 percent) and fat (0 to 3 percent). Thus, you burn more number of calories by eating protein than by eating carbs or fat. You can burn an extra of 80 to 100 calories every day when on a high protein diet.

A diet high in protein can also help in preventing muscle loss when you restrict calories. It can also partly prevent reduction in metabolism that comes with weight loss.

Protein rich foods you should eat for breakfast

eggs nutritious weight reduce

Eggs are the number one choice when it comes to protein. They are immensely nutritious and high in protein. When a grain-based breakfast is replaced with eggs, it helps you eat less number of calories for the next 36 hours and helps you lose more body fat.

Even fish, meat, poultry and dairy products are good sources of protein that can be included for breakfast. You can even include lentils and legumes.

Some breakfast ideas include scrambled eggs or omelet. Vegetarians can have stir-fried tofu, moong dal chilla or besan chilla.

The bottom line

Make your breakfast packed with protein to ensure that you stay full for long and also lose weight.

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