How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight


How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

Oooh yeah, my South Indian friends would be extremely happy to read this post 🙂 . My North Indian friends, please don’t be miffed :), we also like to hog on Basmati rice equally :P.

Let me ask you a question – Have you ever heard someone saying that he/she has lose weight on a rice diet ? I am sure not many would say a Yes ! You are going to hear now – I have been on a rice diet since 3 weeks and losing weight too ! Good news 🙂 ? Please don’t ask how much weight and how many months ! When I turn into a siren, you will see only my pics around ( read self obsessed me :P).

When my dietician asked me to stop wheat, I was like “Whatttt ” ? My expressions were as if I had gone bankrupt ;). Its a SIN to ask a North Indian to give up on Paranthas or rotis or anything but Wheat ! But people, I did ! I did give up Wheat ! Phew, its seems like ages 🙁

Ok, coming to the point now.

How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

How To Eat Rice And Lose Weight

One – Half a small bowl or one fist rice is what 1 person needs. Portion control is extremely important. We measure rotis by count, do you measure rice that you eat ?

Two – No achaar please. You can use a teaspoon of Desi Ghee if required. There is a difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon 😛 BTW, Desi Ghee is very healthy, read here. Don’t burn it, use it in cooked curries, rice n rotis.

Three – Have companions , its not good to be alone right 🙂 ? Same way – have salad, curd, vegetable and pulses as companions of rice.  When we eat roti, we have all of these. Above all, you chew wheat n it takes time for you to eat and our brain realizes you are full and have eaten enough. With rice, you gulp it down your throat , still feel nothing :P. How to handle this problem ? Simple, have companions 🙂 or add companions to rice (read pulao with lots of veggies ).

Four – Use Pressure Cooker when you cook Pulaao. When you use pressure cooker, you don’t need oil. Just boil the veggies with rice.

Five – When you prefer steamed rice, cook rice in excess water. When rice gets cooked, throw the excess water.

Six – Have rice in Lunch. If  you want to eat rice in dinner, have brown rice.

Seven – Add a spoonful of Flax seeds and Chia seeds to rice/curd to increase fiber content. Read about them here and here.

Eight – Eat in a small plate. This will help you to eat in control.

Nine – No chi chi allowed on this point. If possible, don’t use separate bowls for pulses/curd/veggies. If you do, there are chances that you would finish rice first leaving the healthier stuff behind. Add everything on top of rice heap , mix and have. Its great to be raw sometimes :P.

Ten – Cook only what is required. Otherwise, you would end up eating more. If your hungry after finishing a serving, wait for a while. Sometimes we take time to sense if we are satiated or not.

Eleven – I am not your Maths teacher to teach you the entire counting, lolz 😛 :P.

P.S – I am totally sober !

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  1. So true portion control matters the most, no food is bad. Even if we overeat wheat we’ll put on weight. Its Great you came up with this post 🙂
    BTW why were you asked to stop having wheat?

    • Niharika, I am recently diagnosed with thyroid n was piling weight. As soon as I stopped wheat, my weight became stable n now i have started losing 🙂

  2. Take a small cup of rice and keep a veg rich salad nd have it for lunch u can reduce the amount of rice intake and at the same time you can enjoy the taste of rice.. 😉
    ths is wat im dng 🙂

  3. great article Tarun . evnthough I eat only half a cup of rice a day, I eat idli and dosas for my bfast and dinner.

    bfast 3 idli smabar chutney,
    lunch half cup rice, curd, sambar ,mixed veg dry and potato stir fry
    dinner 3 dosas sambar

    rice is the main ingredient in all my 3 meals. should I change it ?

    • Nothing like that. But if you would try to promote a product, we won’t approval your comment. This is a platform for everyone to share ,learn and become healthy


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