Eat Right At The Right Time For Weight Loss


Eat Right At The Right Time For Weight Loss

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For everything in life the right time matters the most, even when it comes to your calorie consumption. Therefore, if you eat foods even those which are low in nutritional value, but at the right time of the day you will be saving yourself some significant unwanted weight gain.

Studies show that if  the majority of your calorie intake happens in the first half of your day, this may translate in a much slimmer waste line, as recorded by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

The Research

To arrive at this conclusion,researchers at San Raffaele Rome Open University conducted an experiment in which two groups of 18 women ate identical diets, but at different times of the day for a period of three-months. The first group ate 70 percent of their daily calories during breakfast, a morning snack, and lunch, that is during the first half of their day and the remaining 30 percent in the latter half, that is for their afternoon snack and dinner. The second group consumed just 55 percent of their calories during breakfast, a morning snack, and lunch. Results showed that, those who ate more calories in the first half of the day lost significantly more weight and demonstrated better metabolic activity than those who ate heavily in the latter part of the day. It can be said that on an average, the earlier eaters lost 3.75 pounds more and trimmed an extra 33 percent off their waistlines.

The Findings

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Since it is true that all the participants were eating approximately 600 fewer calories per day than they normally ate, it is believable that this certainly contributed to the weight loss shown in both groups. This however does not alter the finding that the researchers concluded that:

  • The participants who enjoyed a higher caloric intake during the first half of the day did end up burning more calories throughout the rest of the day as compared to those who had a higher caloric intake in the second half of the day.
  • Another factor to be considered is physical activity during the day. In this study it was made sure that the fitness  and physical activities of the participants was not altered at all, but only the caloric activity was altered. It so happened that all the participants were less active physically during the second half of their days and therefore were less likely to burn the calories consumed later in the day.

Should we have dinner or not?

Do not fret. Dinner is the most relaxed meal of the day for many and is enjoyed the most especially after a long days work.  So if you are not willing to ditch big dinners completely, you do not have to. The above study does not imply that you need to pack all of your calories in the early hours of the day. It only means that if for instance you are used to eating 1600 calories per day, all that is required is that you move around 240 calories from your afternoon snack or dinner to earlier in your day.

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Try this out for a few days and you will feel a marked difference in your metabolism and on the scale. You may finally fit into those skinny jeans without the bulge. This is a great way to lose weight and most importantly a healthy one.

Do you agree to this research, eat right at the right time for weight loss?

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