8 Clever Tips To Eat Right While Eating Out


How To Eat Right While Eating Out?

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You shouldn’t avoid eating out just because you are on a diet. You will be called a spoilsport if you do that. Go ahead and enjoy eating out with your friends. Just abide by some rules and you are ready to rock!

Here are some ‘Clever Tips To Eat Right While Eating Out’:

1) Check the method of cooking used for the dish you order

grilled veggies- ordering healthy at restaurants

The way food is prepared had a huge impact on the amount of calories present in it. You should look for food that is roasted, steamed, grilled or poached. Generally, these cooking methods have less fat in them and thus lesser number of calories. Keep your eyes open and avoid foods that are mentioned on the menu with names like- fried, pan-fried, crunchy, crispy, or sautéed. They usually contain more amounts of fat and calories in them.

2) Make an attempt to eat your meals mindfully

woman-mindfully-eating-apple-weight loss

When you pay complete attention to what you are eating, there are chances that you don’t overeat. Take time to enjoy the flavours and aroma of your food as well as the thoughts and feelings that pop up while you eat. Mindful eating makes you enjoy your food and also improves your self-control.

3) Place your order before others do

The more you discuss meal options with your friends, the more the chances of getting influenced. You would start mimicking others without your knowledge. You would order what others are ordering forgetting the fact that you are on a diet. If your group is not going to order healthy, don’t wait for them, just place your order first.

4) Place an order of two appetizers instead of one main course

Studies indicate that people tend to overeat when given bigger portions. If the restaurant is known to give huge portions, try to order just 2 appetizers instead of a single main course. You will get a variety and also won’t overeat.

5) Eat slowly and chew every morsel thoroughly

teenage weight.eat healthy

When you eat slowly and chew your food properly it could help you eat less of it. You may also feel full faster. The best way out is to count a min no of chews with every mouthful so that you don’t eat too fast. You can even pause in between to let the satiety signals to kick in.

6) Skip the dessert and have a cup of coffee

cappuccino- healthy eatind coffee day

Having a cup of coffee instead of the dessert is a great idea! You can cut down on your calorie and sugar intake. Moreover, this way you can get the health benefits of coffee.

7) Say no to unlimited buffets

Why your way of Partying might be wrong

These unlimited buffets are tempting but not the right choice when you are on a diet. Seeing all food on the buffet table will spoil your dieting plans. The problem is that you won’t be able to estimate the right portion size. When there is no other choice, what you can do is use a smaller plate so that you eat less. Another way out is to fill half of your plate with veggies or salads.

8) Request for salad dressings and sauces to be placed on the side

The main problem with dressings and sauces is that they add lots of extra fat and calories to your meal. So, it would be a good idea to tell the waiter to place the sauce separately on the side. This way you can have a control on how much of the sauces you are consuming.

Hope you found these Clever Tips To Eat Right While Eating Out useful!

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