Does Eating Fat Make You Fat ?


Eating Fat Make Fat ?


Today I am not giving any Gyaan. Instead, I am posing a question to everyone who reads IWB, who writes on IWB or who sleeps on IWB(read me, since i fall on my lappi coz of sleep while working) !

So before I question, I am going to share some experiences from my personal life. I hope that you would also have experienced the same somewhere !

Incident No. 1 – My mum asks me one fine day- why do you eat so much Paneer. It is so high in FAT ! You need to lose weight !! Needless to say, her expressions were as if I had murdered someone and she is going to punish me for it.

Incident No. 2 – My over-caring(read nosy) neighbourhood aunty made a face when she found me snacking on nuts. N then she spoke – Nuts mein bahut Cholesterol hota hai aur Fat bhi, nahi kya ? I wanted to bang head in the wall. Mine, not hers silly !

Incident No. 3 – My grandmum out of sheer love made parantha in Desi Ghee for me and said aaj khaa le. She is such a sweetheart ! N then she said Kal se refined oil wala parantha milega !

So, now I SHoooooooooooooot my question !

does eating fat make you fat

What do you think, Does Eating Fat Make You Fat ?

Have you had similar experiences ?

Let me know ! I need to know… We all need to know !