Eating Healthy At A Mexican Restaurant


Eating healthy at a Mexican restaurant

Hello All!!

I am back with another post on eating healthy at a restaurant! This time it is Mexican cuisine!! You like Mexican food but are on a diet. No issues at all. You can still go ahead and splurge at your favourite restaurant! How? By following a few guidelines I am jotting down 🙂 Simple and easy to follow.

Eating Healthy At A Mexican Restaurant

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Save on the calories!

So you have the menu card in hand, want to enjoy tortillas but want to cut down on the calories. You can save around a hundred calories by opting for a dish with soft tortillas. Crunchy ones are fried so go in for soft tortillas that are baked. Are you new to Mexican cuisine? Don’t worry these tortillas are similar to our Indian roti!

Include the beans

Beans are known to be very good for health. Black bean especially are a great choice for any dieter. Beans are rich in protein and have lots of fibre. Being low in fat they seem to be a good option. If you are on a low carb diet, just order the beans and exclude the rice. Don’t go in for refried beans as they are loaded with cheese blends and lard (by the way lard is pig fat and if you are a vegetarian you wouldn’t want it). They would unnecessarily add onto your fat and calorie intake.

Go easy on the dips

I know it is tempting to order dips along with your chips but remember that they are high in fat and calories. Be it Con queso dips, nacho cheese or sour cream try avoiding them. You can go in for Guacamole which is made from healthy avocado fat but even a bit of it can increase the calorie intake. Take care of your portion size while eating Guacamole.

Smart choices

Burritos are tortillas wrapped with a filling. Go in for bean burritos and avoid the non-veg or cheese ones. This way you would bid goodbye to a lot of unwanted calories. Be smarter and ask for corn tortillas instead of wheat flour ones.

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Dishes to avoid

All the deep fried ones on the menu need to be avoided and the list includes the following:

  • Nachos- These are tortilla chips topped with cheese-based sauce
  • Chimichangas – These are deep fried burritos
  • Chalupas- These are deep fried too.
  • Taquitos-  These arerolled-up tortillas (deep fried) with a filling.
  • Chile Relleno- It is a dish of roasted, stuffed, fresh chilli pepper.
  • “Double Decker” Burritos

Better choices

You can go in for the following:

  • Chicken fajitas
  • Bean burritos
  • Grilled chicken (without the cheese)
  • Soft taco

Search also for the following on the menu:

  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • Marinated vegetables

You can also opt for salads with some yummy salsa. Be careful not to add too many dressings to it.

Hope you found the post useful!!

So next time step into the restaurant with élan because now you know about eating healthy at the Mexican restaurant.

P.S – These recommendations do not apply to low carb dieters

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