Eating Healthy At Domino’s And Pizza Hut


Eating healthy at Domino’s and Pizza hut


The Italian Pizza is very much a household name in India. Domino’s and Pizza hut have mushroomed in several locations in several cities. They can spoil you with the options they have to offer. Seriously! They come up with new variants and are bent on feeding you with some extra cheese 😉 Oh well, I am here to share a few tips on how you can eat healthy at Domino’s and pizza hut when you happen to land up there.

Eating Healthy At Domino’s

Dominos pizza eating healthy

Let me begin with the pizza crust, you are offered a lot of options:

1)    Cheese burst pizza- Please make sure you don’t order this when you are on a diet. You already have a lot of cheese on the top. Why would you want it to be filled inside? Yummy I agree but not if you want to lose weight.

2)    Classic hand tossed pizza-The crust is hand-made, light and crisp. It is made up of refined flour but is a better option.

3)    Wheat thin crust pizza- This is the healthiest option as it made up of wheat.

4)    Fresh pan pizza- It is made up of refined flour and is thick but soft.

Verdict– Wheat thin crust pizza is the best option. You will save a lot of calories!

Now let me move on to the toppings:

1)    For the vegetarians there are a lot of toppings to choose from. Olives, mushroom , capsicum, paneer, golden corn, pineapple, fresh tomato, jalapeno & red pepper are your options. The options seem good. The trick is to pile on as much as vegetable toppings as possible. This adds volume to your pizza and at the same time keeps the calories low.

2)    Don’t go in for extra cheese!

3)    For the non-veg lovers there are options like barbeque chicken, spicy chicken and keema. Including chicken is good idea because it is a good source of protein.

Verdict– Include lots of veggies to make it healthier and if you like non-veg go in for chicken too.

Side orders

1)    Having garlic bread sticks is a bad idea altogether. They are loaded with butter and you just had your pizza with cheese. Doesn’t sound too good na?

2)    Give the dips a miss if you are counting calories.

3)    You have the option of having some authentic pasta but you can avoid it if are on a low carb diet. There pasta for both veg and non-veg lovers.

4)    Go in for baked chicken rather than fried.


Choco lava cake and mousse cake can be avoided.

Eating Healthy At Pizza Hut

pizza-hut eating healthy

As above, let me begin with the pizza crust/type:

1)    Their new range called So Cheezy pizza is just too cheesy to be healthy 😉 There is cheese in the middle of the crust, on the sides and on the top. Kindly lay your hands off it if you want to maintain your weight.

2)    They have something called a big pizza. The best thing to do about this is to order it when you have more people to share it with.

3)    There is Birizza too, that is a crust covered biriyani. If you want to avoid the pizza and cheese this would be a good rescue route!

Verdict– Go in for the normal pan pizza.

Now, the toppings,

Just pile on as many veggies as possible. This will make each slice of your pizza healthy. Chicken being a good source of protein can be added.

Side orders,

1)    You would be tempted with different versions of garlic bread like- Garlic bread plain, garlic bread cheese, garlic bread spicy supreme and garlic bread exotica. Garlic bread is saturated with butter. It is better to avoid it.

2)    You can go in for veg baked pasta and chicken baked pasta but not if you are on a low carb diet. Your pizza already has lots of carbs.


1)    Chocolate mousse and choco truffle cake are the dessert options. Give them a miss.

I hope now you know what to indulge in and what to avoid!

I guess hereafter you will be eating healthy at Domino’s and Pizza Hut

P.S – This post is not meant for low carb dieters

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