Eating Healthy At Subway

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Eating healthy at Subway

Hello All!!

Do you start drooling at the very thought of eating at Subway? Well, they have such great variety that anybody for that matter will get lured. Ok, so a bunch of your colleagues and you are heading to Subway. You are lost in deep thought as to how to eat healthy there. Don’t worry this post is going to help you!

Remember their slogan – Eat fresh? They claim that they bake their bread fresh. There is also a category of 97% fat free subs. The subs that fall in this ‘97% fat free’ category are:

  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Chicken Ham
  • Roasted chicken
  • Subway club
  • Turkey
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Turkey and chicken ham
  • Veg. Shami

All the above are non-veg. What about the vegetarians? They too have options like-Veggie Delite ™,Veggie Patty, Paneer Tikka, Veg. Shammi, Aloo Patty, Corn & Peas subs.

Eating Healthy At Subway

When you order your sub sandwich, you can customize your sub as they would ask you to tell them a certain things like the whether you want a salad or a sub, the kind of bread, the length of your sub, whether you want any extra ingredients, which veggies you like to have, and lastly your favourite sauce. Phew! But I feel this customization is good for health conscious people.

How can you choose wisely so that you can avoid the carbs and keep a check on your calories?

Go in for a salad instead. Bread after all is mainly carbs! Make sure you ask them to avoid dressing as they would add unwanted calories to your salad.

salad- eating healthy at subway

Now, you want to eat a sandwich but want healthy bread. What to do?

You have a wide variety of breads ( you know that!!) and I feel you can go in for multigrain as it will give you the goodness of several grains.

You have come for the sake of your friends and don’t want to pile up the calories.

Simple escape route is to go in for the 6- inch sub.

Extra ingredients mean extra calories, just decline when asked for extra cheese, meat or bacon.

When asked for the veggies say yes (veggies are good for you!!) but don’t go in for fried ones.

What to do about the sauce?

Dear calorie conscious friends please give the sauce a miss. Why include something that adds on to your calorie intake?

Want a meal ?

Just say a big nooooo, no to sugar loaded side drinks please!

Simple , it is all over! You can now get ready to indulge without sacrificing on your diet (well not too much) .

It is comparison time! Their website provides a nutrition calculator for you to compare different subs.

Now let me tell you that a standard Aloo patty sub has

Carbs- 52.9g


Calories- a whooping 378!

Sub- eating healthy at subway

In comparison that a standard Chicken tikka sub has





So your obvious choice should be chicken tikka if you are a non-veg lover and are minding your carbs. The chicken gives you a good amount of protein too.

If you are a vegetarian, then you can opt for Paneer tikka sub for the protein but it has a whooping 505 calories!!!

There is a mouth-watering rich chocolate truffle but you can give the dessert a miss. Remember carbs!!

Have fun at Subway!!

Hope this post will help you to eat healthy at subway!

P.S – These recommendations do not apply to low carb dieters

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