Eating Healthy In An Unhealthy Home


Eating healthy in an unhealthy home

eating healthy in an unhealthy home

My struggle

I am on my weight loss journey and the struggle for me is to eat healthy food with the kitchen full of unhealthy food. I can’t throw all the unhealthy food because my hubby loves chocolates, chips and ice-cream and the list goes on. It would be unfair to stop him from eating such kind of food.

So there are ways to eat healthy in the kitchen full of things which becomes an obstacle in weight loss journey.

My efforts

  • I try to keep healthy stuff in front of my eyes so if I am hungry I would grab those and eat it instead of chips or ice cream. For example: I would have different kind of fruits on my kitchen counter so that I eat food often as a snack. I would try to hide chocolates and so when I open the fridge I can only find good things like fruits, vegetables or yogurt. Here “out of sight out of mind” really works well for me.

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  • When hubby has his ice cream I try to make a fruit smoothie for me or eat Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruits. This way both of us can enjoy our desserts together.

Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss smoothie

  • Give your family members time to understand that you are making a life style change and it will help all of them including you in the long run but don’t force them to change quickly it takes time. Like for me hubby is supporting me with little things but I am glad he does that . When we are out for grocery shopping he will consume fresh green smoothie with me instead of ice cream.

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  • Try to find alternatives which works for you as well as your family like for me I try to prepare salad each and every day and so in my dinner plate I will have huge amount of vegetables than rice and sabji or roti.
  • Try to keep snacks handy so that when you are hungry you can grab and enjoy it while your family members are having potato chips or unhealthy snacks. I try to chop vegetables and fruits and keep it in a container in refrigerator so that I can have them when I am hungry.

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  • Get into the habit of planning your meals in advance. It is rightly said if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. The more organised you are with your meals, the more you’re likely to maintain or lose weight. Like for me if I am having a busy day, I try to prepare my meals in advance so that I don’t eat unhealthy food.
  • Moderation is the key for weight loss. Sometimes I really crave for ice cream or chocolate. During these times, I will have one piece of chocolate and will enjoy it so that I don’t feel deprived.

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I guess weight loss is more of mind game.I hope these things help you to eat healthy when your family indulges in unhealthy food.

eating healthy in an unhealthy home mind game

 Do you think it is possible to eat healthy in an unhealthy home?