Eating Right On Your Wedding Day Day-Handy Tips


Eating Right On Your Wedding Day Day

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Marriages are made in heaven they say! There is nothing as pious as the communion of two souls. In this journey of turning into a wife from a single girl, you may have to face a lot of excitement and nervousness. As the day approaches the nervousness grows in leaps and bounds. You feel happy about your new life ahead and sad that you are leaving your parents. Though you can’t change that feeling, you can eat right so that you feel ok.

weight gain after marriage

A lot of people literally starve themselves on their D-day! Instead of being extra cautious about food people skip their meals. All the skin care and fitness efforts you have put in will go down the drain if you happen to starve yourself. The best thing to do is to have small and frequent meals on the day of your wedding.

How To Control Weight After Marriage

Here are some more tips for you that tell you what you should and should not be doing on your D-day:

Tip no 1:

Stop starving yourself as your wedding day approaches. This is very important as it will drop the levels of your blood sugar and make you feel stressed. Moreover, an empty stomach results in acidity! So, as you prepare for the day start thinking about your food intake too.

Tip no 2:

Stop skipping breakfast or meals on the day of your wedding. Eat small food portions frequently during the day. This way your stomach will stay full and you will have energy throughout the day.

Tip no 3:

Do not snack on junk food or packaged food. The high amount of salt, oil and spices in the foods can lead to indigestion and you don’t want to fall sick on the most special day of your life, right?

Tip no 4:

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

It is quite common to find people sipping on a glass of aerated beverage or even sherbet on their wedding day as it makes them feel comfortable. However, drinking carbonated beverages can increase you risk of landing up with acidity. So say no to fizzy drinks!

Tip no 5:

Most people have the habit of beginning there day with either tea or coffee. It is best to skip this routine of yours on your wedding day as tea or coffee will make you you feel anxious.

Tip no 6:

Stop eating beans, broccoli or sprouts as you wedding day approaches as they will make you feel boated.

Tip no 7:

Instead of munching on packaged stuff, you need to eat fresh fruits. Drink fresh juices made out of spinach or cucumber. Being rich in antioxidants, they will help in flushing out toxins.

Tip no 8:

Chicken soup with mushroom recipe

You can resort to home-made veggies soups if you don’t happen to enjoy veggie soups. Soups are not just light on the belly but they help in keeping you full for long.

Tip no 9:

Keep lots of dry fruits and nuts with you as your special day approaches. They are packed with instant energy. They will keep you full and energetic.

If you are reading this it means that your wedding is round the corner, hope you find these tips useful and thoroughly enjoy your D-day.

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