Eating Too Fast Affects Weight Loss. Find Out How!


How Eating Too Fast Affects Weight Loss?

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Have you noticed that some people literally shovel down food at the breakfast table? My English teacher used to have her breakfast after reaching the staff room in the morning. She used to gobble up the whole thing in flat 2 minutes, leaving me aghast! And yes, she was fat!

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So, the point is that many people have the habit of eating too fast and it is definitely not the right way to refuel! According to one study done in Japan, women double their chances of gaining weight by eating too quickly and men increase the chances of becoming obese by 84 percent. It was found in the study that eating too quickly affects the brain’s mechanism that tells us when our tummy is full. It takes 20 minutes after to begin your meal for the brain to receive the ‘stop-eating’ message, this means that if you finish a meal in less than 20 mins, you are at the risk of over-stuffing yourself. This sort of mindless eating results in consumption of more food than you actually need leading to unnecessary weight gain.

Along with weight gain, over-filling your belly can result in gas, bloating and indigestion. It can take the shape of serious health problems. It is said that gulping down food can raise the risk of acid reflux.

Now let us talk a bit about how we can slow down our eating speed! Hop on!

Switch the TV off

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For your brain to register when your tummy is full, you need to pay attention to your meal. In a study, researchers categorized eaters into ‘attentive’ and ‘distracted’ groups. It was found that the distracted eaters eat more in a single sitting. The first stage of digestion involves the thought of food which gets your digestive juices flowing. When you rush at your meal, you miss out on this and when does this happen? Yes, while watching TV while eating. Eating in front of the TV can affect your digestion and lead to poor absorption of nutrients, stomach pain as well as bloating.

Set aside time for your meal


You shouldn’t just stuff in a sandwich in 5 minutes on the name of lunch. It is recommended that you set aside 15 min for a snack and 30 mins for a full meal. Just relax while eating. Eat with your eyes too and enjoy the experience of it. Derive pleasure from what you are eating can this can be done only when you are slow!

Do not drink while having your meal


According to research, drinking excess of water during a meal can affect the natural levels of acid and bile in the stomach and can slow down digestion. You should avoid fluids while eating. Just drink something 30 mins before a meal, cucumber water should be good enough.

Chew your meals properly

If you don’t chew your food properly, your body cannot digest it. Take less of it at a time in order to let the enzyme in the saliva break down the smaller morsels, thus aiding quicker digestion. The more you stuff in your food at a time, the more the chances of it being less chewed. Also, avoid being a chatterbox at your meals. Talking prevents you from paying complete attention to your food.

Try to follow the above tips and stay healthy!

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