Ebola Virus Cure- Two Recover From The Deadly Disease!


Ebola Virus Cure- Two Recover From The Deadly Disease!

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It is great news indeed both for the medical fraternity and for the public that two people have been able to recover from the deadly Ebola virus disease. Read about the Ebola virus disease, its symptoms, spread and precautions here.

Ebola Virus Cure- Two Recover From The Deadly Disease!

US doctor cured of Ebola Virus

Two US doctors who contracted the virus when they were attending to the patients in the disease stricken West Africa have recovered! They were discharged on Thursday. The Emory university Hospital, Atlanta, have made the following statement according to Xinhua,

After a rigorous and successful course of treatment and testing, the Emory Healthcare team has determined that both patients have recovered from the Ebola virus and can return to their families and community without concern of spreading this infection to others.

They were discharged based on their urine and blood diagnostic tests. The medical team at Emory says that extensive safety procedures have been maintained during the entire treatment and it says that it is confident that discharging the patients will not pose any threat to public health.

How did they recover?

Yes, that is the question now. What helped them recover? Both the patients have said to have received ZMapp, an experimental treatment when they were still in West Africa. Medical experts say that it is still unclear if they recovered with the help of ZMapp treatment.

What is ZMapp?

ZMapp is an experimental drug to fight the Ebola virus. It is an antibodies mixture that has been designed to target the deadly Ebola virus and inactivate it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDS), the drug is a combination of 3 different antibodies. These antibodies were produced when mice were exposed to the Ebola virus. The drug was then made by extracting the antibodies generated.

Ebola virus causes symptoms treatment

ZMapp is said to imitate natural immune response. The body is said to produce natural antibodies to protect against pathogens by directly attacking them. In a similar manner, the antibodies made in the lab attack the virus but in a specific manner. The antibodies bind themselves to a particular part of the virus and they imitate the natural response of the human immune system.

ZMapp has been effective in treating forty three percent of the animals that were affected by the Ebola virus. After the outbreak of the virus in West Africa, ZMapp has been used to treat the two American doctors who were diagnosed with Ebola virus. The drug has shown promising results and the patients showed improvement after taking the drug. But the use of the drug was an experiment and it is yet to go through clinical trials to be proven effective and safe.

How to prevent Ebola Virus Disease?

The vaccinations against Ebola virus are not available currently. As it is always said, prevention is better than cure, one should maintain basic hygiene. Basic hygiene includes simple activities like:

It also becomes essential for one to report any early symptoms to the doctor immediately.

Is it a matter to panic for Indians?

The disease has not spread in India. However, people who live in remote areas where the hygiene and living conditions are bad, are at the risk of getting infected. Overall, there is no need to worry or panic.

Maintain hygiene and don’t panic!

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