Ebola Virus In India-News Or Rumors?


Ebola Virus In India-News Or Rumors?

Whenever a virus spreads, it gives birth to rumors and controversies. Everyone becomes an expert and we all do follow instructions to prevent our self from deadly virus without even caring to find our the truth.

This time is Ebola Virus!

Ebola virus causes symptoms treatment

Is Ebola Virus In India-News Or Rumors?

Yesterday I received a whatsapp message which stated –

Ebola reached Karnataka unfortunately!! Infected poor Sreejith-M-Tech, NIIT suratkal, expired today. Please take precautions against this virus and spread the awareness!! Friends plz eat tulsi leaves to safeguard yourself from this virus ebola because this virus directly effects the human immune system, so this a precuation to save you from ebola virus. Ebola virus spreaded in Mumbai too. Use hot water and salt to take your bath in the moreing, do the same when you wnat to drink hot water(hot and salt). Its said to be a traditional vaccine for Ebola. Please don’t keep this information to yourself, send to all your contacts including your enemies. God bless you as you share this.

My first reaction was Oooh my God ! It was a natural reaction since I live in Bangalore and I do travel in cabs, BMTC, autos and all kinds of public transport. I work in an organization with thousands of my colleagues. How do I prevent myself ?

Just after a few seconds, my reaction was What nonsense! I was not sure whether the Ebola virus has come to India especially Bangalore or not. I questioned the authencity of the message and the entire list of precautionary measures. A virus which was unheard of, yesterday becomes talk of the town today and people start giving traditional remedies as precuations! When did it happen traditionally?

Tulsi is a great antioxodant, but there is no proof that it works on the Ebola virus. Please have Tulsi for your health, not because someone sent a stupid message. By the way, I want to meet the knowledgeable person who believes that Tulsi can strengthen immune system overnight, huh !

Let’s talk about the person who was rumored to have died as a result of this Ebola virus attack. Below in an excerpt from Indian Express –

It is true that a person identified as Sreejith who was pursuing an MTech degree at NITK expired last month but it was from a lung related ailment and not the Ebola virus. An Ethiopian student in the institute who is being rumored to have been infected with Ebola has not travelled to his native country for the past two years. All the messages on social media of the spread of the Ebola virus at the institute are baseless” the District Health Officer (DHO) Shiva Kumar said.

So please don’t believe in these rumors and please don’t spread them. Follow national newspapers for latest news.

As per the latest news, Ebola has not come to India. It can come to India only when infected people from other parts of the world reach India.

We will cover more about Ebola virus – its symptoms, prevention etc in  the upcoming posts for awareness. We pray that it never reaches India.

Be aware, Be safe !

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