Effects Of Weather On Your Health

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Effects Of Weather On Your Health

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Seasons and life are quite similar, they keep changing! We always relate winters with cough, cold and infections whereas summers are linked to dehydration and heatstroke! Such typical associations! The effect of weather is not just limited to illnesses it goes far beyond that. Remember how the elderly with achy joints know when it is going to rain or how soon winter is approaching. They are able to say so because their bones are able to feel it.

Read on to discover the effects of weather on your health


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When humidity levels increase or when barometric pressure drops, people get headaches and migraines. People who reside in areas where the climate is steady, have less chances of getting migraines than those who reside in places where there is a lot of change in weather. Even summer can cause migraines as the days are longer during summer season which means more exposure to bright light.


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Some people are allergic to pollen. Such people have a tough time in summer as pollen present in the atmosphere gives them sneezing fits, watery eyes and runny noses. A dry climate can have a similar effect on people who are allergic to dust. Allergies get triggered even when there is a sudden change in temperature. It is pretty common to see people suffer from cold as soon as the climate changes from warm to cool.

Blood pressure

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It usually goes unnoticed but weather does have a powerful impact on blood pressure. When the temperature decreases, the blood vessels of the body start narrowing down and the same volume of blood has to find its way through smaller spaces. This leads to an increase in blood pressure.

Colds and flus

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Usually colds are not caused due to the cold air, however, they tend to occur more during the winter as there is a lack of humidity making the lining of mucous in the nasal passage to dry up. This makes an individual more susceptible to viruses. Sudden climatic changes can result in cold and flu as your immune system weakens.

Mental health

Depressed Woman prevent depression naturally

Climate can also affect your mental health. When the winters are harsh, things can get depressing for some people. They can suffer from seasonal affected disoder (SAD) and that is a kind of depression. Such people should remember that ‘if winter comes can spring be far behind’.

Joint pain


Usually before a storm there is sudden change in barometric pressure that can lead to pain in the wrist, fingers, knees, hips and ankles. Due to the cold climate there is a thickening of joint fluid that can cause stiffness in the joints along with pain.

Heart health

heart health

Cold climate negatively affects heart health. According to a study, when there is a 5 degree drop in temperature there is a 7% increase in the no of strokes and 12% increase in the no of heart attacks all over the world.

Blood sugar

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

Those who suffer from diabetes need to exercise more control on their blood sugar during winters as during that time the barometric pressure is low and this causes the blood to get thicker.

Respiratory problemsasthma

Those who have existing respiratory problems may have difficulty in breathing during summer and monsoon as the climate is humid. People with sinusitis are also affected by the changes in weather.

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