Egg shells For Healthy Teeth


Egg shells For Healthy Teeth

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Do you suffer from teeth cavities? Going to the dentist and getting them filled is a tough job. Want to find a way of preventing them and keeping your teeth healthy? Well you just need to open your refrigerator door for the solution. Egg shells!! Yes, egg shells can help in keeping your teeth healthy. Read on to find out how!

broken_eggshell foe healthy teeth

What do egg shells contain?

Egg shells have a number of minerals that are essential for teeth health. They are power house of calcium, which is the primary mineral needed for healthy and strong teeth. The other minerals present in egg shells are:

  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Silicon
  • Phosphorous
  • Sodium
  • Sulphur
  • Iron
  • Aluminium

How do egg shells strengthen teeth?

The main reason why egg shells are effective in strengthening teeth is because they have the right constituents. Egg-shells contain lots of calcium which is essential for re-mineralizing teeth and making them strong teeth. The composition of our teeth is similar to the composition of egg shells. Egg shells also have essential amino acids.

How to use egg shells to strengthen your teeth?

The procedure of using egg shells to strengthen teeth is quite easy.

  • Boil eggshells in water for 5 minutes in order to kill existing microbes on the shells.
  • After drying the shells completely, grind them in a grinder till they are reduced to a fine powder.
  • Consume half a tea-spoon of the powder each day. You can add the powder to your smoothie, your bowl of oats or anything else you may like.

You must be knowing that vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium. Do ensure that you are getting enough of it.

Similarity between teeth and egg shells

 teeth- eggshell for healthy teeth

In an experiment to determine what kind of liquids stain the teeth, children of a school used eggshells as models for teeth because of the similarities between eggshells and teeth! The chief reason why eggshells help strengthen teeth is the similarity of the two. The similarities can be divided into two branches:

Effect of fluoride

When the enamel of tooth is exposed to fluoride some of the hydroxy groups get replaced with fluoride ions. The compound formed due to this replacement is more resistant to acid erosion and is less soluble. After soaking egg shells in a fluoride solution, there is a negligible chance of the shells getting softened due to acid.

Effect of acid

In presence of acid, both chicken egg shells and teeth will get softened and lose minerals. When there is a loss of calcium, egg shells become weak. In the same manner calcium ions are released from the tooth enamel in presence of acid. This causes de-mineralization of the enamel of the tooth.

Other benefits of eggshells

Apart from strengthening weak teeth, egg shells are beneficial for children as during growth years they require a continuous supply of calcium for the development of their bone tissue. Thus, it is essential to give children food that is rich in calcium.

See, how useful egg shells are for the health of your teeth! They are easy to procure and easy to include in your diet.

Will you add egg shells to your diet to strengthen your teeth?

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