Egg Yolk And Cholesterol-Is There A Link?


Egg Yolk And Cholesterol-Is There A Link?

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How many egg lovers out there?? A low carb diet always has a lot of room for eggs!

Myth: Egg yolks skyrocket the levels of blood cholesterol.

The truth: They do not!

Everyone knows that eggs are a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Apart from these two they have other essential nutrients too! One big egg has about 186 mg of cholesterol and all of it is present in the yolk of the egg. It was once thought that dietary cholesterol was the major culprit behind unhealthy blood cholesterol levels. This made people stick to egg whites alone. Read along to separate out the myths and facts.

As long as you have not been asked to skip the yolk by the doctor, you can have the whole egg!

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Why you should eat the yolk too?

1) Trans fat and saturated fat are a real threat to your cholesterol rather than dietary cholesterol

Long back when scientists discovered the connection between high blood cholesterol and heart disease, it was thought that high cholesterol foods lead to unhealthy blood cholesterol. Now they have come to a conclusion that cholesterol in foods is not the actual culprit! The real trouble makers are trans fat and saturated fat as mentioned above.

The body needs cholesterol from foods to make the testosterone hormone that helps increase energy and builds muscles. Studies have found that the fat in egg yolk actually reduces bad cholesterol. So, bust the myth that egg yolk is bad for you! You can have 300 mg of dietary cholesterol in a day and a single egg has 185 mg of it. However, if you have heart disease or cholesterol related problem better consult your doctor.

2) Whole eggs provide essential vitamins and minerals

Eggs are a really healthy food. It provides you with almost all the vitamins and minerals needed by the body. It provides 7 g of high-quality protein, vitamin D, B vitamins and other nutrients. It has omega 3 fatty acids to offer too.

Eggs contain L-arginine which is an amino acid that is critical to the body’s protein production and the release of growth hormones. Eggs have another amino acid called leucine. It is helpful in regulating the levels of blood sugar and producing growth hormones. The egg yolk contains most of the minerals and vitamins and about half of the egg’s protein. Eating just egg whites make you miss out on all the nutritional benefits of eggs. An egg is a power house of goodness and by skipping the yolk you are missing out on all the good stuff.

The way you prepare your eggs matter

poached eggs microwave

Cooking the eggs the right way is essential. The healthiest way of enjoying fried eggs is heating a bit of olive oil on a cast iron frying pan and then breaking the eggs on top of it. You can have omelets or the best option- boiled eggs!

If your recipe needs more number of eggs, use some whole and just the white of others to keep things in balance.

There are so many ways to enjoy eggs! Read this post on yummy egg recipes- Click here!

The bottom line

So, I guess this post has managed to hit the target and has been successful in convincing you that eggs when eaten with the yolk in moderate amounts do not affect your health negatively.

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